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How consumers interact with businesses has fundamentally changed in an ever faster-evolving media landscape. As technology advances and expectations of it continue to rise, traditional touchpoints are no longer enough to engage audiences.


Consumers, users, and fans demand personalized, immersive interactions in real-time. By employing innovative customer experience (CX) strategies, media and entertainment companies can meet and exceed these expectations and create a connection that resonates with audiences and sets them apart from the competition. The era of a purely transactional culture between customers and companies is giving way to meaningful experiences. Those leading the way in CX will also find themselves at the forefront of this evolution in the media industry.

Use Case: A Strong Customer Experience Is Your USP

Your Challenge

In a competitive market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate one brand from another and to retain consumers, subscribers, and fans in the long term. Publishing, TV, and music industry giants are also faced with the challenge of finding new ways to achieve long-term growth in the face of technological change.

The Vision

Offering a genuine "WOW" experience that delivers added value across all touchpoints of a user journey is essential for companies in the media world to further develop existing and new business areas. An integrated customer experience makes it possible to bind consumers, users, and fans to a brand longer and more closely, open up new digital business models, and thus remain competitive in the long term.

Our Solution

We work with you to identify your most important touchpoints in the context of your target IT infrastructure. With our in-house creation department, you benefit from UX/UI experts who develop your individual customer experience concept. Using state-of-the-art methods from consulting and design thinking, we lay the foundation for inspiring customer experiences along your digital touchpoints as a decisive lever for success.

Benefits for You as a Media Company

Increased brand perception

In a highly competitive market environment, a distinctive and memorable CX can set a brand apart from the competition by reflecting the brand's quality awareness and innovative strength.

Improved customer loyalty

By tailoring the digital consumer experience to individual preferences and needs, media companies can create a more engaging and personalized interaction.

Data-driven insights

By continuously evaluating interactions across all digital touchpoints, companies can gain valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences to make informed decisions.

Cross-platform consistency

The media world happens on many platforms online and offline. A consistent, uniform customer experience across all channels, devices and platforms creates trust and strengthens the brand identity.

Our Services for Your Success

  • We create unique, consistent user experiences for your various digital touchpoints. Our UX concept developers and UI designers draw on decades of experience from international digital agencies, which allows them to combine the highest creative standards with best-in-class IT solutions for your success.

  • As an experienced system integrator, we develop customized content strategies and transfer them to the appropriate content management system. Through individual technical adaptations of our CMS offering, we enable our customers to impress with an inspiring digital image at every touchpoint.

  • The right mobile app for every use case - whether customer-oriented B2C applications, virtual showroom apps, intelligent IoT apps or enterprise apps used in the company to digitize employee processes and communication. We advise you and develop customized mobile apps based on your requirements for an optimal customer experience.

  • We provide support in the design, selection, implementation, introduction and operation of Product Information Management (PIM) systems for the consistent management of product data.

  • We support you in the selection of the right CRM system or advise you on the optimization and further development of your existing system. We also provide integrated digital solutions tailored to your challenges for maximum customer loyalty.

  • Our many years of industry expertise enable us to design digital points of sale with a perfect e-commerce solution that allows consumers, subscribers and fans to benefit from a customized shopping experience.

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