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With the Metaverse, a virtual world is currently being created for the first time that has the potential to become the digital equivalent of the real world. It enables a completely new digital experience. This opens up new ways for retailers and the consumer goods industry to communicate with their target groups. 


For the design of digital presences in the metaverse, three-dimensional content elements are necessary (so-called digital assets). These can include clothing, accessories, furniture, everyday products, but also appliances and machines - basically everything we know from the physical world.  We develop and offer various solutions for the creation of these elements. 

Your Way Into and Within the Metaverse

Your Challenge

The Metaverse still has hype character, but quite a number of early adopters are already taking the first steps and gaining experience - you too? 

The Vision

The Metaverse offers you the opportunity to build new business models and tap into new target groups. 

Our Solution

Benefit from consulting services that show you the right way to best tap into your target audience, as well as solutions for 3D content creation. 

Benefits for You as a Retailer or Consumer Goods Manufacturer

New business opportunities

The Metaverse gives you the opportunity to create new sales channels. For example, you can host virtual events such as fashion shows, concerts or lectures. 

Increase brand awareness

By having a presence on the metaverse, you can tap into new target groups and thereby increase your brand awareness. 

New forms of customer loyalty

By collecting or mutually exchanging digital assets, you can create new types of customer loyalty programs. 

Virtual marketplaces

Virtual marketplaces offer immersive experiences that allow your customers to see and test products in a virtual environment before they buy them. 

Cost savings

By using the Metaverse, you can reduce your costs. Since it doesn't require physical retail outlets, it eliminates cost items like rent and utilities. 

Increase your reach

The Metaverse allows you to go global as there are no geographical boundaries. 

Our Services for Your Success

  • No matter if you are a Metaverse newbie or a Web3 expert: Our Web3 experts will pick you up at your status quo and work with you to develop targeted recommendations for action and added value in the Metaverse. 

  • By using new touchpoints, tools, and digital assets, you can engage existing customers and inspire new audiences through innovative approaches. Through Web 3.0 and the metaverse, you can take your Customer Loyalty programs to a new level and build long-term Customer Relationships. For this purpose, Arvato Systems has developed the app "Loyalty 3.0" with connections to Web 3.0 technologies, which enables users to collect virtual puzzle pieces and receive NFTs and physical rewards in return. The gamification character motivates collectors, which also helps to strengthen their brand loyalty.

  • Enable cost-effective, automated, and also data-driven production of the highest quality 3D visual content - for your shining presence on Web 3.0. 


Whitepaper: Loyalty 3.0

Inspiring examples and insights into the exciting future of customer loyalty programs in the emerging Web 3.0.

From Web 3.0 Newbie to a Metaverse Pioneer

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