AI Applications for the Energy Industry

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Digital Utilities Need AI

From generation and distribution to sales and billing, practical applications can be used in almost every phase of the value-adding process at utilities. Many of the applications known today are now available for most every market role. However, with the aid of AI, they take on a whole new quality, for example, in data-based forecasting in all its many forms. 

AI creates brand new applications 

 In the era of big data, artificial intelligence can be used to analyze and link a large number of highly granular data sets. This makes it possible to produce much more accurate and dynamic forecasts than had previously been possible, leading to better decisions, higher efficiency, and greater added value. 

Artificial Intelligence Generates Added Value for Utilities

Save Resources: Improve Your Efficiency with Data Analysis
Reduce Costs: Optimize Workflows with Sensors 
Longer Service Life for Facilities: Optimum Synchronization of Maintenance Times 
Improved Planning: Capability Analysis and Price Projections 

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For many years, we have combined knowledge of the energy sector with technological know-how. Use AI to improve your company’s performance. We are there to support you in deploying an AI solution that is right for your company and for the application at hand.  

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