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AI-based Churn Management

AI in customer communications: how to generate value in energy sales

Artificial intelligence also supports energy suppliers in customer communication and sales. To name an example, customer data can be used to more accurately forecast if a customer is likely to sign or terminate a contract with the company within the scope of churn management.

Data-based churn management lets energy service providers and utilities proactively develop individual supply and support models for customers.

The word “churn” is made up of “change” (change in the customer’s attitude) and “turn” (turn away from the company).

The challenge of customer churn

Market liberalization has made the loss of customers inevitable, especially when it comes to basic services. According to the BDEW (German Energy and Water Industry Association), traditional energy suppliers on average have lost more than 32 percent of their customers as a result of this.

The solution

Use your internal database to select customers likely to switch providers in the future. Machine learning can be used to train a model based on your internal data.

Your Benefits

Tool to support sales and prevent customer termination
Reduce loss of customers 
Independent from back-end system
No interfaces, zero development costs
Customer-specific machine learning model based on client’s data in compliance with the GDPR
Secure data access
Download historical models and results from the portal

Your Contacts for Churn Management

Stefan Uebe
Expert for Strategy Consulting
Stefan Herzog
Experte for Churn Management