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Aenova optimiert Systeminfrastruktur für Serialisierung - Arvato Systems

Aenova Optimizes System Infrastructure for Serialization

Improved Performance after Release Update and Infrastructure Optimization

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Project Overview
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Update of the Arvato CSDB Serialization System


Aenova Group has been working with Arvato Systems for a long time and uses the Arvato CSDB serialization system, which is operated in the Arvato Systems data center in Gütersloh. But system requirements have changed at Aenova Group. Data volumes have increased enormously, additional Aenova locations have been connected, and market and customer requirements regarding delivery times have risen.

For this reason, it was decided to make changes to the serialization environment on both the software and hardware sides. The goal was to bring the Arvato CSDB system up to date to improve serialization within Aenova's production processes significantly.

The Aenova and Arvato Systems teams met these challenges and implemented the project without any downtime. As a result, better performance and usability were achieved, significantly optimizing the serialization of millions of pharmaceutical packages.

Customer Benefits

Implementation time including validation within two weeks
Pure data migration within two to three hours
Use of the latest Arvato Systems Track & Trace module functions
Acceleration of data provision for production processes
Achieve greater efficiency in customer orders
Improvement of usability in mass data processing
Application of a modern server architecture

Customer Quote


Teamwork as its best! System optimization in this complex environment was a challenge for all of us. The expertise of the Aenova and Arvato Systems teams made it possible to implement the project perfectly!

Aenova Group

Project Overview

Initial Situation

The Aenova Group offers its pharmaceutical customers a comprehensive service within the legally required counterfeit protection scope. Aenova has been using the hosted serialization software Arvato CSDBaaS (Corporate Serialization Database-as-a-Service) for marking pharmaceutical packaging with a data matrix code since 2015.

The unique serial numbers are provided centrally from the Arvato Systems data centers in Gütersloh. Since then, Aenova has supplied more than 100 customers worldwide and serializes pharmaceutical packaging in the higher million range every year.


Due to the increased demand for pharmaceuticals and the expansion of the Aenova production infrastructure, a release upgrade in combination with the expansion of the IT infrastructure was necessary. Performance, security and functionality were to be optimized.

As part of a release upgrade with the connection to the new Arvato CSDB Gateway 2 release, the performance of the provided IT infrastructure was also to be improved. Equally necessary was the GMP-compliant validation of the serialization environment in order to be able to continue operating the system in a quality-compliant manner after the extensive database migration.


Due to the excellent cooperation of both teams from Arvato Systems and Aenova, this time-challenging project could be implemented. The data migration, the customer connection via the new Gateway 2 portal and the move to a server with faster SSD storage media were successfully implemented, resulting in a recognizable improvement.

Aenova now has a state-of-the-art system environment to provide its production sites with serialization services even more effectively and is well prepared for new market requirements.

About Aenova

The Aenova Group is one of the leading contract manufacturers for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. With high quality standards, innovative technologies and reliable delivery reliability, Aenova has become the European CDMO market leader for the development and production of all common dosage forms and product groups in the business-to-business sector. Headquartered near Munich, Germany, the company operates 15 production sites and several sales offices in ten countries around the world. Around 4,300 employees contribute to the group's success.

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