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Serialization in the Production of Medicinal Products

Dr. Pfleger

Dr. Pfleger Serializes Medications for Seamless Tracking Along the Supply Chain

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More and more countries around the world are launching initiatives and introducing statutory regulations to prevent falsified medicine from entering the legal supply chain. These measures involve verifying prescription drugs based on their packaging, which will also be designed to be tamper-proof.

Customer Benefits

CMO and MAH integration via standard interfaces
Seamless integration into the SAP system environment
Connection to national verification systems
Expert support for the specification and validation
Low training requirements thanks to intuitive interface
Arvato Systems takes over project management
Background Situation

Dr. Pfleger manufactures medical products at internal production facilities or via contract manufacturers. This medicine is sold in around 40 countries on the global market. The goal is to successfully implement the internationally applicable or planned serialization requirements for the relevant countries within timeframes, which are mostly quite tight.


Dr. Pfleger faced the following challenges in particular:

  • Implementation of a scalable IT solution that would also be available for future requirements and could be easily expanded for growth in additional countries
  • Flexible connection to CMO (contract manufacturing organization) and MAH (marketing authorization holder)
  • Integration of a serialization solution into the existing system landscape, including integration into the SAP environment

The Arvato Corporate Serialization Database (Arvato CSDB for short) is designed to act as a link between the company’s ERP system, the systems that directly control production, and process-relevant external systems or organizations. It enables the management of production workflows with serialization and/or aggregation, including beyond company borders. Central communication with national verification systems and business partners is enabled via the Arvato CSDB gateway. 

> 60
> 40
> €78
million turnover

About Dr. Pfleger

Dr. Pfleger is one of Germany’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in the SME segment. It produces over 60 finished dosage medications and medical products as well as around 20 body care products. The medication is manufactured at proprietary production facilities as well as by contract manufacturers, and delivered to over 40 countries worldwide. The company’s approximately 350 employees generated turnover of approximately €78 million in 2017.

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