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Making IT Greener

Balancing ICT and the environment

Green Data Center

IT, Energy Efficiency & More

At Arvato Systems, we strive to permanently improve our energy efficiency and that of our customers through the use of our solutions and products. We rely on green power, continuously modernize our data centers and support with modern cloud-based technologies and solutions so that information and communication technology is significantly more in harmony with our environment - already today and even more in the future. (Video in german language)

Challenges on the Way to Sustainable IT

Data Center

At around 75 percent, electricity consumption accounts for the largest share of a data center's operating costs. This is because the capacities of many data centers are often geared to peak loads. These are rarely reached - but the resources still have to be permanently supplied with energy and be cooled.

Energy Management

Companies often lack the data and information they need to optimize their energy management and operate it in a sustainable manner.

IT Devices

More and more IT devices are being used - due to short product life cycles and increasing demands. The production and disposal of smartphones, tablets and other devices consumes more and more resources.

Our Data Center? Exceptionally Green!

Arvato Systems is constantly striving to optimize the energy supply processes of its own data centers and ensure energy-efficient operation.

With a power usage effectiveness of 1.39, the Arvato Systems data centers in Gütersloh were awarded the "green star" by the eco association due to their low CO2 emissions and reduced power consumption. And we rely on green electricity: For the Gütersloh data centers, Arvato Systems exclusively purchases green waterpower electricity from the local public utility company.

In addition, an absorption chiller has been in use for our data centers in Gütersloh since 2017. It is able to generate cooling from thermal energy and thus supply the servers with cooling air in a much more energy-efficient manner. The heat used for the conversion is generated in a CHP plant operated by a sister company. Heat that would otherwise be lost unused is thus used for server cooling in the summer months.

We are also continuously optimizing the infrastructure of our data centers in order to further improve energy efficiency. We have achieved this with a wide range of measures, for example by

  • Modernization of equipment
  • Implementation of lighting controls
  • Improving cold air distribution
  • Raising temperatures in the data centers
  • Using UPS systems (UPS: "uninterruptible power supply") with higher efficiency.

With the evolution to a Software Defined Data Center and the accompanying increase in cloud offerings, further steps are being taken toward greener IT.

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Balancing ICT and the Environment

Arvato Systems develops solutions that help companies achieve higher energy efficiency through better IT resource utilization. By shifting computing power to the cloud, more sustainable device usage is possible. And with our innovative Smart Energy Platform, we offer active energy management that can help further increase energy efficiency by actively controlling energy generation and consumption.

Better resource utilization
More sustainable use of IT equipment
Active energy management

Our Energy Management? Intelligently Connected!

The Arvato Systems "Arvato Energy Platform" is an Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data platform that enables energy management based on energy data. The platform collects and processes all data from various sources, such as weather, sensor, technical plant and consumption data. On the basis of the data evaluation, the energy consumption of companies can be optimally controlled to such an extent that energy costs can be significantly reduced through greater transparency and the purchasing optimization based on this.

Web-based environmental reporting: green.screen

With the Arvato Systems environmental data platform green.screen, you can record, analyze and evaluate your company's environmental data. Company-specific effects on the environment can thus be displayed, evaluated and compared in measured metrics: Trends, peaks, ratios and courses become visible. With green.screen you simplify and automate your environmental reporting. You can find all information about green.screen here!

Your Contact for Corporate Responsibility

Marcus Metzner
Chief Marketing Officer