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Information technology? IT also works green!

Sustainable Energy and Resource Management


Green IT is possible! As an IT company and multi-cloud service integrator, Arvato Systems considers it important to use modern IT to make a contribution to sustainable energy and resource management. We strive to permanently improve our energy efficiency and that of our customers through the use of our solutions and products. With modern cloud-based technologies and solutions, we ensure that information and communications technology is more in tune with our environment today and in the future.

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Web-based environmental reporting: Everything about the digital environmental platform green.screen

Certificate for Social-Ecological Commitment


The partnership with the non-profit IT company AfB shows that we are also active in the social-ecological field.

AfB gGmbH is Europe's largest non-profit IT company and specializes in extending the life of used IT and mobile devices through professional data destruction, refurbishment and remarketing. The recognized inclusion company employs around 500 people in five countries, approx. 45% of whom are people with disabilities.

For years we have had AfB reprocess IT and mobile devices that have been taken out of service. This protects the environment and promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Bertelsmann Energy and Climate Policy

The Bertelsmann Executive Board has adopted a Bertelsmann Energy and Climate Policy. The document reaffirms the company's commitment to minimizing the negative effects of its business activities on the environment and climate, and describes specific measures for effective environmental and climate protection. These include purchasing renewable energies, increasing energy efficiency, and developing climate-friendly products and services.

The companies’ local commitment is reinforced by the Group-wide target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions  by 20 percent by 2025 compared to 2014. The new “green.screen” digital environmental platform from Arvato Systems is used to measure local energy consumption and calculate the corresponding emissions. “green.screen” is currently being used as part of the Group-wide environmental data collection process at some 500 Bertelsmann locations worldwide. Extensive insights into the use of green.screen at Bertelsmann are provided on the Bertelsmann website!

Environmental Reports

Below you will find the summarized environmental reports of the Arvato companies from 2004 - 2013 as well as the reports on the Bertelsmann carbon footprint until 2018, which replace the environmental reports. For current data as of 2019, we now refer to the extensive Bertelsmann website on the topic. There, information on corporate responsibility at Bertelsmann is provided for the entire Bertelsmann Group in accordance with the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Reporting on the topic of ecology (GRI 300) can be found here.

Your Contact for Corporate Responsibility

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Chief Marketing Officer