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Focus on Mental Health

Mental health is an essential factor in everyday working life and a prerequisite for quality of life, performance, and social participation. Impairments to mental health are widespread and range from mild restrictions to mental well-being to severe mental disorders. An essential goal of our occupational health management is to maintain and promote the mental health of our colleagues. We therefore offer our employees and managers a wide range of health services aimed at continuously promoting their mental health, supporting them in the event of mental stress, and strengthening their well-being in the long term.

Our wide range of offers for employees:

Mental First Aid Initiative

We launched the "Mental First Aid" initiative in 2022 to offer our employees an independent, trustworthy point of contact during mental stress. Our mental first aid team, consisting of trained colleagues, is on hand to provide employees with advice and support if they feel mentally stressed. Whether they want to share their concerns in a personal conversation, are looking for further contact options for professional help, or are worried about a stressed person at work.

Company social counseling

Our company social counseling service is available to all employees and managers on a confidential, professional, non-binding, and independent basis. Suppose colleagues are exposed to difficult conditions in their private or professional environment. In that case, the social counseling service offers them preventive and supportive services and works with them to find solutions to their individual concerns.

Phileo app for mental health at work

"Phileo" is an app to promote individual mental health and an offer for interested employees and managers. With "Phileo," they can learn how to prevent work-related stress and promote their mental health in the workplace - utterly independent of time and place. You will also always find our latest offers and events on mental health.

Intranet series on the topic of "Mental health"

In various intranet series, including our "Fine, and how are you?" series, we inform employees and managers about mental illness, the associated symptoms, treatment options, and a wide range of support services and contact points. The aim is to remove the taboos surrounding mental stress and mental illness increasingly and to raise awareness.

Training portfolio: Mental health

We offer our employees and managers a wide range of on-site and remote training courses to strengthen their mental health. Our current training portfolio includes studies on resilience, IKIGAI, deep work, and self-management. We have also assembled various digital course collections with learning nuggets on mental health topics for interested employees and managers. So you can learn from anywhere - even on the go!

Have a Break- Meditate - Mental Break

As part of our virtual meditation series with a trained meditation coach, our "mental break" allows our employees to escape the daily grind for peace. Using various breathing techniques, our employees can switch off, relax, and return to work with renewed energy.

Mental Health & Leadership

Focusing on mental health is particularly important for managers. This is because behavior as a manager has a significant impact on the well-being and health of employees. It is, therefore, highly relevant to continuously strengthen resources as a manager ("self-care") and those of the employees in the team ("staff care"). We support our managers in this with selected measures and are constantly developing them further.

Company social counseling for managers

Our company social counseling service offers a comprehensive portfolio of advice for managers on all aspects of healthy leadership. It advises managers on issues and concerns in their teams or with individual employees - situationally in acute cases and preventively if required.

Mental First Aid for managers

The initiative aims to offer colleagues a first independent and trustworthy point of contact during mental stress. Our team of mental first aiders is diverse and consists of employees and managers from various locations and departments. They have all pledged to maintain confidentiality and are available to talk to other managers in confidence.

People development training portfolio

We offer a wide range of training opportunities to strengthen the mental health of our employees and managers. Our current range of training courses includes training on the topics of resilience, IKIGAI, deep work, and self-management. In addition, we have put together digital course collections, especially for our employees and managers, that contain learning nuggets on "Healthy leadership."

Sport & health

Sport is fun, brings sociability, and keeps you fit. The Bertelsmann companies' sports and health program offers our employees various sporting activities: from back exercise classes, aerobics, and sports programs during the lunch break to running clubs and health vacations to activities in cooperating gyms and clubs.

"Fit For Work" initiative

The international fitness challenge "Fit for Work" motivates our employees to be more active daily. Once a year, all Bertelsmann employees worldwide can participate in this joint campaign organized by Bertelsmann Sport & Gesundheit and Bertelsmann BKK for three months. Anyone who enriches their daily (working) life with a lot of activity and collects "active" kilometers can win attractive prizes and support a fundraising campaign for a good cause.

BeFit sports program

The BeFit Bertelsmann Sport & Gesundheit team regularly offers various health and relaxation courses - indoor, outdoor, and online sports courses. The sports courses are even free of charge for our employees who take part regularly. The wide range of online and face-to-face courses are bundled on the BeFit website.

Company runs & running coach

Our health contacts organize participation in company runs at various Arvato Systems Group locations every year. We run together as a team and enjoy a social get-together. Bertelsmann encourages all employees to participate in company runs and donate to charity. Bertelsmann BKK also offers a running coach for all employees, regardless of their running level. The coach provides support with individual training plans, exchange meetings, and recommendations on running clothing and nutrition.

Eating healthily

A proper diet increases well-being and performance. Our employees can be supported in this by nutrition coaches.

BeFit and the Bertelsmann company health insurance fund (BKK) support our employees. In addition, many canteens at Bertelsmann companies offer a wide selection of healthy dishes and snacks. An excellent example is "Vital in Balance" from our canteen operator Cultina. A traffic light system for the various dishes at the entrance to the canteen also helps employees to eat more consciously.

Health days

Preventive measures and early medical detection are cornerstones of good health. Diseases can often be treated more effectively early, and risk factors can be positively influenced. Our company medical service provides medical treatment and advice near the workplace and offers a wide range of preventive services.

Regular exercise is essential to stay mobile and vital. Our body is not called the musculoskeletal system for nothing. By ensuring that we move regularly in our everyday working lives, we maintain or improve our physical and mental well-being is maintained or enhanced. In cooperation with Bertelsmann BKK, we, therefore, periodically offer our employees the opportunity to participate in various health checks free of charge as part of health days. This year, the "Back Fit Check" and the "Mobility Check" were offered to our employees at the Rostock, Munich, Hamburg, Gütersloh, Leipzig, Cologne, and Dortmund sites.

Our portfolio of medical check-ups at the various locations includes:

  • Eye examination (G37 and intraocular pressure measurement)
  • Hearing test
  • Back Fit Check
  • Body Check
  • Stress-Check
  • Thyroid ultrasound
  • Ergonomics at the workplace
  • Health check-up from the age of 45

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