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Application Software Development

Competitive advantage through individual application development

Customized Software Development for Your Company

Standard software cannot be perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of your business. Many companies face the problem of their business processes not being optimally supported by the available standard software, which can lead to inefficiencies and competitive disadvantages. It is, therefore, crucial to use individual software that is precisely tailored to your use cases and offers innovative solutions that are not available on the market. You can create more efficient business processes through custom application development, seamlessly integrate new applications, and optimize scalability by leveraging API Economy and AI Infused Apps.


We offer application development of customized apps for the cloud and on-premise to ensure that your software solutions can be used flexibly and independently of your IT infrastructure. Our application development solutions enable you to support your business processes and strengthen your competitive position optimally.


We accompany you through all phases of individual software development, from requirements analysis, implementation, and quality assurance to operation!

What is Application Development?

Application development describes the process of changing, designing, and/or developing one or more applications.

This process typically includes the following steps: Requirements analysis, prototype design (UI/UX), testing, implementation, and integration. This approach can close gaps in the software landscape by tailoring applications to the customer's individual needs.

Our Range of Services Includes End-2-End Application Development of Individual Software and Customized Web Platforms with Associated Services:

Consulting from requirements to the IT solution architecture of software development
Introduction of new cloud applications through to multi-tenant SaaS solutions
Analysis and evaluation of legacy system(s)
Integration into the new application landscape
Modernization and cloudification of existing applications

Advantages of Customized Application Development with Arvato Systems

Experienced experts

Our certified team of experts with more than 20 years of experience ensures that the planned application development solutions meet the defined requirements and objectives of the project.

Legacy system analysis

We analyze and evaluate your legacy system(s) and develop a decision-making basis for possible courses of action: from integration and modernization to complete replacement and the subsequent introduction of new application solutions.

Seamless integration

We ensure seamless integration of the individually developed software into your IT landscape, thereby preventing information disruptions.

Cloud transformation

Takeyour applications to the cloud with our solutions: We offer a flexible, fully managed framework for developing cloud-native individual applications or transforming existing applications into the public cloud.

Scalable capacities

We offer scalable onshore, offshore and nearshore capacities to ensure a short time-to-market even for complex applications.

AI-infused application development
AI-infused App Development

The development of apps with artificial intelligence (AI) integration is revolutionizing software development. By using AI tools and techniques in combination with human skills, processes are accelerated, and repetitive tasks are eliminated. AI can help generate and analyze code, find and fix bugs, optimize workflows, and create documentation.

Application Development: Our Approach

We accompany you holistically through all phases of application development: from requirements analysis to implementation and operation.

  • Before a new software solution is developed, a detailed architecture concept is drawn up together with you. This concept serves to better understand your existing solution, capture the requirements and bring them together in a big picture. The requirements analysis takes your specific needs into account and focuses on them.

  • A UX/UI concept is created based on the requirements. During the design phase, we provide you with drafts and interactive prototypes in order to work with you to design the best solution in terms of usability and interaction behavior.

  • At the heart of the process is a decision on a suitable project management model - agile, classic or hybrid. We then work with you to define clear objectives, milestones and responsibilities. Choosing the right project management model is crucial to the success of the project and has a significant influence on the way in which the project is planned and implemented.

  • Thanks to many years of experience in application development for B2B customers, we have built up extensive know-how. We develop individual software and web platforms using modern and common technologies, in particular the Microsoft tool stack and Java technologies. By using frameworks developed in-house, we can draw on proven best practices to shorten development times and improve the maintainability of the software.

  • We consistently develop according to secure coding standards, check every adaptation in code reviews and thus ensure high quality. This includes quality assurance in the form of unit and integration tests with a high degree of automation in order to identify and eliminate potential errors and weaknesses at an early stage. This enables us to provide high-quality software in short release cycles and reduce manual testing efforts.

  • We use automated deployment models and act in accordance with common standards such as CI (continuous integration)/CD (continuous delivery and deployment) to ensure fail-safe and continuous delivery of the software. We also provision the infrastructure components automatically (infrastructure as code) and store configuration values in versioned and securely encrypted form. This enables us to quickly provide new environments for you and scale them dynamically and cost-optimized depending on performance requirements.

  • If required, we can also support you with operation and monitoring after the software has been implemented. The application and interfaces are continuously monitored and resilience is constantly optimized. Our DevOps team can operate your business-critical applications securely and stably in the cloud. Dedicated and trained support staff are there for you and take care of your concerns quickly and according to reliable SLAs.

Your Contact for Application Development

Daria Uphoff
Expert for Cloud Application Transformation