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AILA Sensor Intelligence

Identification of anomalies through intelligent sensor detection

AI-Based Anomaly Detection for Industrial Plants

Machine failures are associated with high costs and time expenditure. These failures must be avoided. Through the intelligent acquisition of your sensor data, you not only see the current status of your machines and plants, but you can also actively avoid a failure of your plants and thus prevent a production stop.

AILA Sensor Intelligence

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AILA Sensor Intelligence uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze permanent sensor data in real-time.

Anomalies are captured based on historical scenarios as well as real-time flagging of faults by your skilled staff. The recorded faults and anomalies can be accurately named, described, and stored by your machine and plant staff. The AI is set up in this way by the facility experts - that is, by you.

In this way, no plant knowledge is lost, and the AI will distinguish a simple start-up from a paper tear or defective sensor. In this way, the anomaly warning is supplemented with an important explanation of the fault.


Visualisation of the system status
Predictive maintenance is made possible
Early alerting with fewer false alarms at the same time
Independent marking of events - no data science expert required
Your plant knowledge flows directly into the AI and stays with you!

Just like your plant, AILA Sensor Intelligence grows with you and adapts. A Human Feedback Loop allows you to make a fully automatic and continuous improvement independently and at any time.

In the Data & AI Competence Cluster, Arvato Systems bundles AI competencies across all necessary disciplines. Complemented by your plant knowledge and proximity to machines and plants, AILA Sensor Intelligence will provide the full potential of anomaly detection.

The Arvato Systems AIoT Leverage and Automation Platform, AILA for short, combines pre-developed AI modules for intelligent industrial solutions. These include automated text recognition and text processing as well as predictive maintenance and predictive quality. We develop your individual AI solutions on the basis of this platform.

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