Anomaly Detection on Construction Sites

Safe mining through IoT sensors and AI data analysis

Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows you to rethink and optimize the way data is processed and analyzed. Existing systems in almost all business areas can thus be made more intelligent. Using AI-supported, dynamic forecasting models, behavioral predictions can be derived, for example, for process or data processes. It can also be used to answer the question of whether the currently incoming data corresponds to expectations from the past. Anomalies can thus be detected at an early stage.  This case shows how grid load data, for example, can be intelligently processed in the energy industry.

Project Overview

Initial Situation

Manual monitoring and evaluation of seismographic data based on rigid limits.


Monitoring of structural objects (e.g. bridges) using hundreds of IoT sensors and AI. Real-time detection of unusual events without prior definition of thresholds such as earth-quakes, thunderstorms and other disturbances. 


Seismographic data are analysed and evaluated using Artificial Intelligence. Anomalies are identified and categorized on the basis of physical patterns.


Radical reduction of manual analysis work
Demand-oriented data analysis without rigid limits 
More construction sites can be monitored in real time with existing personnel

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