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Crime News Classification

Intelligent data journalism


Data is an important and valuable asset in journalistic processes. Newspaper publishers can use Artificial Intelligence (AI), for example, to recognize text content and build a journalistic database to identify interesting stories.

In the following case "Crime News Classification" we show you the advantages AI offers in the journalistic environment.

Project Overview

Background Situation

Newspaper and magazine editors have to read and classify many criminal texts from local police stations and enter them in databases every day. This manual process is very time-consuming.


AI-based text classification of police reports, creation of a journalistic database for the identification of relevant stories and transfer to a crime map.


Arvato Systems provides an end-to-end service, including data infrastructure and proprietary AI text classification methods. This service automatically classifies criminal texts using specific heuristics and artificial intelligence. Certain data, such as the category of a criminal case, the date of the incident, the crime scene and other metrics are extracted autonomously and in real time and stored in a database. Based on this data, a data visualization in the form of a map is created. In addition, the data is analyzed for anomalies.


Reduced workload for time-consuming manual activities
High scalability and update frequency
Real-time information service for editors and journalists

Your Contact for Crime News Classification

Niels Pothmann
Expert for Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence