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Automate Business Processes Independently with the Microsoft Power Platform

In companies, numerous individual processes take place every day in different departments, which employees often carry out manually. These are many individual, small processes such as sending monthly reminders for expense reports or regular report generation. With individual business applications and automations, you can make many of these business processes much more efficient.

With the Microsoft Power Platform, you tackle the digital transformation of your organization - at an individual level. The Power Platform turns your employees into "Citizen Developers" who can independently digitize their business processes and develop business apps - on a low-code/no-code basis even with little IT knowledge. At Arvato Systems, we focus on your goals and accompany you step by step on your path to digitization.

This Is Why the Microsoft Power Platform Is the Ultimate Choice

Realize savings potentials

The demand for smart, automated processes and individual business apps for digital transformation is high - and so are the needs and costs for developers. The Microsoft Power Platform remedies this by enabling skilled personnel to create standalone solutions for their specific use cases without lengthy needs analyses and consultations with the IT department. To ensure compliance with your corporate policies, we help you develop effective guardrails for the application of the Power Platform.

Relieve IT

Even for small to mid-sized organizations, updates and user requests represent a high workload in the IT department, not to mention the workload that large corporations face for maintaining and supporting their systems. With the Power Platform, you turn your employees into citizen developers and empower them to drive the digitization and advancements of the company through their applications and automations.

Motivate employees

The Microsoft Power Platform gives employees the freedom to translate their own ideas into an efficient solution quickly and easily. Your organization benefits not only from individual stand-alone solutions that contribute to digital transformation, but also from a high level of employee motivation that comes from being independent and making their own contribution to digitization.

The Full Power of the Microsoft Power Platform

With the Microsoft Power Platform you take an important step for the Digital Transformation of your company: Fast implementation through real hands-on processes and short development cycles in the creation of solutions adapted to the specific problems of your employees. The Power Platform includes four services for your digitalization:

Power Apps

With Power Apps, your employees from all departments develop applications as "Citizen Developers" in no time. Power Apps quickly and easily creates solution-oriented business applications for individual use cases based on data and without much know-how from software development.

Power Automate

Power Automate automates work processes and thus supports the efficiency of your teams. The special sub-function RPA (Robotic Process Automation) makes Power Automate particularly suitable for repetitive tasks that are very time-consuming and do not receive any qualitative advantage from manual execution.

Power BI

Through Power BI, you make informed decisions based on data-driven insights derived from data in your selected systems or from the Power Platform itself. With Power BI, you create high-quality dashboards and reports to get clear, real-time insight into your processes and applications at any time.

Power Pages

With Power Virtual Agents, you empower your employees to create smart chatbots that facilitate their own work environment. The virtual agents support your employees and can be tailored to a wide range of topics and the given specific tasks.

Our tip for you

All four Microsoft Power Platform services can access data in the Dataverse. This also applies to websites created with Power Pages. Data stored in the Dataverse can be analysed and visualized quickly and easily. This prevents delays in internal and external processes. Another advantage: you can define authorizations for individual accesses. This guarantees security.

Challenges When Using the Microsoft Power Platform

With the Microsoft 365 Suite, many companies already have the Power Platform and often without knowing it. Or without knowing how they can use the functionalities of the Power Platform more effectively. This is not surprising, because the possibilities and services of the Microsoft solution are wide-ranging. Therefore, there are two essential questions for the use of the Microsoft Power Platform:


  • What are my deployment scenarios for the Power Platform?
  • What is the governance strategy behind the use of the Power Platform?

Benefits of the Power Platform for Your Business

Increased level of automation for business processes at the individual level
Increased efficiency of processes and teams
Structured use of the Power Platform through control models
Increased motivation of your employees
Rapid implementation of solution-oriented ideas

Our Offer

We offer comprehensive consulting and implementation services around Microsoft's Power Platform. Our experienced consultants can support you in all your projects to maximize your success. Learn more about our individual service offerings:



This service offered by Arvato Systems refers to the ongoing operation of the Microsoft Power Platform. It includes all measures necessary to ensure that the platform is always functioning stably and securely. This includes monitoring, maintenance, update- and error management to ensure the platform's availability, integrity, and efficiency. Effective platform operation is vital to the platform's lifecycle and enables businesses to quickly and reliably deploy their applications and workflows to meet their business requirements. In addition, the excellent operation includes monitoring for security threats, verification of compliance requirements, and efficient resource utilization.

IT and Data Protection

Protecting information and data stored, processed, and transmitted on the Microsoft Power Platform is very important. The Power Platform supports IT and data protection through security and data protection measures such as authentication, encryption, monitoring, and compliance checks.

Companies can also restrict access to data and applications by controlling access rights and role-based access to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive information. Compliance with data protection laws is another important aspect. Therefore, taking IT and data protection on the Power Platform seriously is crucial to protect companies’ data and applications and ensure compliance with data protection laws.

Citizen Developer

Citizen developers develop applications and workflows for their organizations with little to no development experience. They use low-code platforms such as the Microsoft Power Platform to respond to their business requirements quickly and easily. Citizen developers work in various areas such as marketing, sales, finance, and human resources and bring a deep understanding of their organization's business requirements. They speed up and simplify the application development process by taking digitalization into their own hands, thus relieving the IT department. Citizen development is an important trend in modern application development and improves the agility and responsiveness of organizations.

Application Support

With this service, Arvato Systems ensures that the business applications built on the Microsoft Power Platform run smoothly and meet the needs of the company. Monitoring, maintaining and updating the applications can improve the quality of service and user experience while ensuring the security and reliability of the business. Providing support and training to end users can help ensure that these applications can be used effectively and thus support the business success of the company.

Application Assessment

An application assessment for the Power Platform is a systematic review and analysis of a company's existing business applications or processes. The goal is to optimize the performance and efficiency of these applications and outline suitable opportunities for implementation with the Power Platform.

App in a Day

The program "App in a Day" offers an excellent opportunity to learn about the Power Platform and its capabilities. Within this format, participants can create their own apps and workflows based on predefined use cases. Arvato Systems provides experienced trainers and the technical infrastructure to allow participants an informal insight into the platform's advantages. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will have created not only a functional application but also acquired an understanding of how they can use the Power Platform to digitize their specific business requirements.

Templating & Design

With our user design and user experience experts, you can establish a unified design and best practices for app development. Based on your corporate design guidelines, we create prototypes and a central, consistent design together. This enables your employees to use company-specific building blocks to create usable and recognizable applications. It speeds up development, improves efficiency, and increases the quality and conformity of the applications. Templates are an important part of the Power Platform and help organizations increase their speed and agility in digital transformation.

Platform Operation

Platform operation refers to the continuous management and maintenance of the Microsoft Power Platform, a leading low-code platform for developing applications and workflows. This service includes tasks such as monitoring, maintenance, updating, and troubleshooting to ensure that the platform is always running stable, and secure. Platform operation is an essential part of the platform lifecycle and contributes to the platform's availability, integrity, and efficiency. Arvato Systems, as an experienced multi-cloud provider, can take on these tasks in platform operation so that you can focus on your core competencies.


With over 900 possible connectors, numerous configuration options, and a very open service configuration, all employees in the company have the opportunity to create rich apps and workflows. Arvato Systems helps you maintain control over the platform and establishes proven processes and tools to set guardrails within the platform that prevent data loss while supporting the platform's growth. This solid governance strategy is the baseline for the successful usage of the platform.

Citizen Developer Adoption

Together with your organization, Arvato Systems develops concepts and techniques to increase the adoption of the Microsoft Power Platform within the organization. In collaboration with our experts for the Power Platform and change management, we design customized formats to enable and train users and build a growing community within your company. This helps to leverage digitalization in your business units. By promoting Citizen Developer adoption, technology utilization can be improved, and business outcomes can be enhanced. Improved collaboration between IT departments and business units, as well as increased business success, can be the result.


Achieve Success with the Power Platform Foundations Workshop Series

With the Power Platform Foundations workshop series from Arvato Systems, you are ideally equipped to use the Power Platform successfully and securely in your company. The experts from Arvato Systems will guide you through a series of interactive workshops in which you can develop customized governance for your Power Platform. We take your individual requirements into account and ensure that all data protection guidelines and security precautions are scrupulously adhered to.


By setting up an operational architecture with comprehensive security and data protection, we create the basis for you to use your Power Platform efficiently right from the start. The state-of-the-art Center of Excellence installed by us offers you the possibility of continuous monitoring and automation of your Power Platform. This means you always have an overview of performance and can react quickly to changes in order to further optimize performance.


Our Power Platform Foundations:


Exciting Use Cases: The Microsoft Power Platform in Practice

The Microsoft Power Platform shows its strengths in numerous successful use cases. See for yourself:

Use Case 1: Commissioning

By digitizing dockets and checklists for gas plant commissioning and integrating them into the Microsoft Power Platform, companies can leverage centralized data storage to replace redundant Excel spreadsheets. Event and scheduled notifications in Microsoft Teams make tasks more visible and improve their completion rate. This supports frontline workers with individual PDF exports and print views during commissioning.

Use Case 1: Commissioning

By digitizing dockets and checklists for gas plant commissioning and integrating them into the Microsoft Power Platform, companies can leverage centralized data storage to replace redundant Excel spreadsheets. Event and scheduled notifications in Microsoft Teams make tasks more visible and improve their completion rate. This supports frontline workers with individual PDF exports and print views during commissioning.

Use Case 3: Efficient maintenance documentation

The digitization of circuit changes enables frontline workers to document completed maintenance work efficiently and error-free. Automating the documentation also minimizes travel times. In addition, the inventory enables better planning and control of maintenance work through geo-tagging and QR codes of company assets. Thanks to offline availability, data is always accessible.

Out of practice: Supplier management at OGE

Are you wondering what the implementation of the Microsoft Power Platform looks like in practice? Our customer Open Grid Europe (OGE) has joined us in using the services of the Power Platform for integrated supplier management and is now benefiting from optimized business processes and a high level of transparency across all departments.

Optimally combine SAP solution with the low-code tools of the Power Platform

Many companies rely on SAP, even for central tasks such as mapping business processes. In order to meet new requirements and drive innovation, you can extend your company's existing SAP environment with tools and thus continuously modernize it. The Microsoft Power Platform offers such tools.

The low-code environment enables your employees to create the apps they need themselves, automate recurring processes and evaluate data in dashboards and reports. At the same time, your company's security and compliance requirements are safeguarded by comprehensive governance. Bidirectional integration into the SAP environment allows processes to be more closely interlinked and data silos to be eliminated. These are important prerequisites for innovation, growth and success.


SAP and Power Platform: These Are Your Benefits

  1. Improves access and integration of SAP data into workflows, especially for employees who cannot use SAP.

  2. The Power Platform tools provide exactly the data that is relevant, in an app that employees use every day.

  3. Enables the efficient entry of important data into the CRM via the Power Platform and the simple extraction of data from the SAP system.

  4. Facilitates collaboration with external persons, as they do not need access to the subsystem, while data can be transferred correctly and securely.

SAP_Power Platform_AdobeStock_474197731

With Arvato Systems, you have an experienced partner at your side who takes over the connection of the Power Platform to SAP - regardless of whether your SAP system is in the cloud or not.

Your Contact for Digital Workplace Solutions

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Tim Seebrandt
Expert for Power Platform

Frequently asked questions about the Microsoft Power Platform

  • The Power Platform is a functional theme that gives your employees direct and fast access to their own solutions. This can lead to many smart and digitalized processes - but without strategic planning for the application of the platform and measures for data loss prevention, it can also lead to security risks for your sensitive data.

  • The Power Platform is already included in various Microsoft 365 licenses. This also applies to the often existing E1 to E5 licenses. In addition, there are further options for licensing premium functions of the Power Platform or its individual components - Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents. We will be happy to advise you on the basis of your existing licenses.

  • Dataverse is a data platform from Microsoft that enables companies to store, manage and analyze data in a secure location. Dataverse allows you to integrate data from various sources into a central database. You can then use this for the Microsoft Power Platform tools, among others.

  • In the Admin Center of your Power Platform, you have the option of adding a database under Environments. You can then make settings for the language, currency and security group.