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Microsoft Governance

Reliable Governance for Your Corporate Data With Microsoft 365 and Arvato Systems

Do you know who has what access rights to various data in your organization? Do you know the retention or deletion periods of your content? And can you ensure that all employees adhere to your guidelines? By default, Microsoft 365 doesn't limit how applications can be used. So if you don't set policies for Microsoft 365 usage, all employees can access all content, share sensitive data, freely create or delete teams, and more. This inevitably raises privacy and security-related difficulties. So how do you set sensible policies and guardrails that ensure proper use of your systems while enabling efficient collaboration with high user acceptance? 

At Arvato Systems, we show you how to securely integrate Microsoft 365 into your daily business operations and build a sustainable governance strategy. In addition, we offer expert consulting, implementation, and deployment for your governance solution. The Microsoft 365 platform is a complex system with numerous options - so it is not uncommon for many companies and users to quickly lose sight of the big picture. At Arvato Systems, we understand the multidimensional requirements of our customers and therefore offer you an intelligent solution designed for secure and efficient collaboration: NAVOO®. With NAVOO®, you ensure the security and management of Microsoft 365 for efficient collaboration and corporate communication. For the harmony of Microsoft 365 and your corporate policies. 


The SaaS platform that enables you to build powerful collaboration, enterprise communication and governance solutions. With the integrated solution, your employees manage their mailboxes, files and content on their own. Securely, competently and, thanks to defined and qualified processes, without any loss of acceptance.

Central Governance Questions

For some Microsoft 365 applications, such as Exchange/Outlook or OneDrive, governance and compliance questions can certainly be answered with a standardized "one-size-fits-all" approach. For example, you can define generally applicable rules for your employees' private mailboxes or file storage based on best practices.

However, this is not applicable to the entire platform. For Microsoft 365's many collaboration tools, such as SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, setting standardized rules is more challenging. Can you easily set policies for the following areas of digital collaboration that apply across your entire organization?

Policies for storage structure, classification, collaboration (versioning, publishing), and sharing of internal and external users for documents and other content.
Guidelines for the classification, assignment of permissions (such as the creation of new teams and the creation of guest users) of storage and collaboration areas such as teams
Definition of consistent master data and corporate vocabulary
Policies for customizing global settings
Execution and access rights for reporting and audits

Don't panic! Hardly any organization can define universally applicable rules for all these areas. The requirements of different departments, divisions and, above all, use cases are too different for that. As an example: Enabling access for all employees and external users in all storage areas would inevitably lead to a loss of sensitive content.

Our recommendation: Let Arvato Systems advise you on the options for defining governance and compliance guidelines for your individual use scenarios, benefit from our best practices and take a look at our SaaS solution NAVOO®.

Therefore, a Good Governance Strategy Is Without Alternative


Our "Best Practice" Workshop

Are you planning to introduce Microsoft 365 in your organization and want to rely on a professional and sustainable governance strategy? Or do you want to set guidelines for collaboration with existing systems without limiting the productivity of your employees? In our established standard workshop, which has been highly praised by customers, we show you how to set balanced guardrails - as much as necessary, as little as possible. Based on best practices, we address the following topics:

  • Definition of sharing policies for content in OneDrive or SharePoint Online. 
  • Definition of rulesets for Microsoft 365 Groups
  • Coordination of policies for file synchronization
  • Development of retention policies for Exchange Online, OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Establishment of a password self-service reset solution
  • Definition of Azure Information Protection for content classification
  • Data Protection / DSGVO
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Microsoft Information Protection

Microsoft 365 and Arvato Systems for Your Structured It Governance

For efficient governance across your entire IT infrastructure, we support you in defining your policies. In doing so, we take into account all applications, users and devices in your organization. Benefit from our extensive Microsoft competence and professional expertise: Together we will find your individually suitable solution - whether individual applications from the Microsoft 365 service package or our exclusive SaaS platform NAVOO®, which is intensively designed for IT governance.

Our Governance Solutions

Our Governance Solutions From Microsoft 365

Join us in relying on the smart solutions of Microsoft 365 for the security and governance of all users, devices and data in your organization. Your advantage: You decide at which interfaces you want to use Microsoft's governance solutions and which tools you need. Whether individually or in combination, we advise you on the requirements for your target environment, implement the Microsoft 365 tools in your IT infrastructure and secure the provision of your Modern Workplace under your data policies.

You can individually compile applications and functions from a wide range of Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) and adapt them to your needs. Among other things, MIP provides smart ways to classify and protect your data, endpoints, and other content so users intuitively adhere to compliance mandates.

Microsoft covers your governance policies across all areas of your Modern Workplace - for secure, consistent and efficient collaboration. The Microsoft 365 service package offers governance solutions for your communication tools such as Teams, Exchange Online and Outlook, as well as for your document storage with SharePoint or OneDrive.

Our SaaS Platform for Microsoft 365: Navoo

Microsoft 365 offers numerous options for using individual functions, applications, and tools for efficient and secure collaboration. You have to think independently about compliance with the guidelines of your IT governance. At Arvato Systems, we, therefore, offer an intelligent Digital Workplace solution that ensures the security of your data, users, and identities. NAVOO® bundles functions and requirements from governance, intranet, and Microsoft add-ons in a central, innovative solution. 

NAVOO® Governance supports your teams for the highest efficiency of their collaboration in a predefined context under transparency, security, and structure.

Thanks to NAVOO® Intranet, relevant content is available to defined target groups at the right time and place.

With the Microsoft 365 add-ons, you can strategically, individually, and purposefully adapt your Digital Workplace to your requirements.

We make it a point to ensure your IT governance at all levels of collaboration so that your employees work together securely and at the highest level.

Advantages of Your Governance Solution With Arvato Systems

Outstanding know-how as a long-standing Microsoft partner with numerous Gold competencies
High user acceptance through personalized and self-explanatory instructions of all relevant information
Targeted addressing of all employees based on roles, locations or various individual attributes
Intelligent processes, monitoring as well as the active involvement of responsible persons to adhere to your compliance requirements
Flexible customization of governance strategy to fit your needs 
High level of security, customer focus, and reliability

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Frequently Asked Questions About Data and Communication Governance

  • Governance for your organization's IT infrastructure includes your data policies, classifications, and compliance guidelines. Governance of your IT is an important foundation when you use cloud-based services and applications. Key aspects of your IT governance include protecting your server services, your identities, all devices from your organization, and access rights for internal and external documents.

  • NAVOO® is our Digital Workplace Solution for Microsoft 365. NAVOO® consists of three pillars: Governance, Intranet, and Add-ons. The platform is based on Microsoft Teams and SharePoint and integrates other tools from the Microsoft 365 environment and extended functions. Your advantage with NAVOO®: You get a bundled solution for secure, efficient, and structured collaboration at the highest level.

  • Without efficient IT governance design and enforcement, the risks for security and data breaches are very high. By using governance strategies, you optimize your IT infrastructure, reduce security risks and ensure that your compliance policies are adhered to.

  • Thanks to our extensive experience as a Microsoft Solutions Partner with designations in Digital & App Innovation, Infrastructure, Data & AI, Modern Work, Security, and Business Applications, we are your ideal partner for intelligent governance solutions. We consider your requirements and advise you individually on the solution that is right for you - whether on individual solutions from the Microsoft 365 package for our innovative solution NAVOO®.

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