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NAVOO Governance | Smartes Management Ihrer Microsoft 365-Richtlinien

NAVOO® Governance

Smart management of your Microsoft 365 policies - with the governance solution of our SaaS platform NAVOO®

NAVOO® Governance
NAVOO® Provisioning
NAVOO® Governance Processes at a Glance
Quickstart for NAVOO® Governance

NAVOO®, Governance for the Digital Workplace

Are you looking for a way to collaborate efficiently as a team? Do you want your sensitive data to be securely managed at all times, both for internal and external collaboration with partners and customers? This requires more than a collaboration platform with video telephony or online document exchange. The management of access rights, team rooms, content and identities - in short, governance for Microsoft 365 - must be guaranteed.

With NAVOO® Governance, you build a strategy for your corporate policies that sustainably supports your employees in the Digital Workplace and does not pose any security risk to your data. At Arvato Systems, we advise you according to your requirements and implement the NAVOO® Governance module in your Digital Workplace in no time at all.

Challenges with governance for Microsoft 365

How do you ensure that your policies apply to your entire IT environment and are implemented by users? It's not possible without support. If only because for many collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams or SharePoint from the Microsoft 365 platform, there can be no standardized rules for all use cases. Can you set up your governance and compliance policies for the following areas of the Modern Workplace easily and universally?

  • Defined governance for the lifecycle of your Microsoft Teams and Site Collections from creation to archiving

  • Standardized policies regarding storage structure, classification, versioning, and sharing of internal and external users for various content types

  • Defined guidelines for assigning permissions (e.g. for creating new teams or guest users) for all collaboration areas

  • A uniform qualification of content that applies across all departments and areas

In most cases, this is not feasible; organizations are complex and the requirements of each department and individual use case are too different.

NAVOO® Governance

With NAVOO® Governance, a module from our SaaS platform NAVOO®, you succeed in ensuring the security and completeness of your corporate data through efficient and consistent governance and compliance policies. In a predefined context and using best practices templates, NAVOO® Governance supports the collaboration of your teams: secure, structured, and transparent. With NAVOO® Governance, you manage the following areas, among others:

Lifecycle of your teams, SharePoint content, and guest user access
Teams & SharePoint templates for your individual use cases
Centralized control of permissions and sharing settings for core user groups: Owners, Members, and Guest Users

Through easy-to-understand and pragmatically applicable governance and compliance concepts, NAVOO® Governance ensures self-regulating collaboration internally and externally. At the same time, the solution increases user acceptance and the productivity of your employees.

NAVOO® Provisioning

NAVOO Governance Provisionierung

The NAVOO® templates for collaboration within departments, projects, strategic topics and much more offer our customers the optimal starting point for customized use cases.

Don't start from scratch, but provide your employees with the right structures and tools from the beginning to work as efficiently and productively as possible.

NAVOO® Governance Processes at a Glance

The creation of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Site Collections

Depending on the use case, decide which user groups are allowed to create new Microsoft Teams and/or SharePoint Site Collections via self-service. Define optional approval processes and require your employees to agree to freely definable disclaimers.

The Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Site Collections Process

The regular review, archiving or deletion of content that is no longer in use pays dividends in terms of security and possible legal regulations. On the other hand, you increase user acceptance with increased clarity of connected teams and SharePoint sites and thus quick access to relevant information.

Owner control - professional decision makers

Ensure with NAVOO® Governance that there are always enough technical contacts and decision-makers for a Microsoft Teams or a SharePoint Site Collection. Respond to inactive users or employees who start new tasks in the company.

Team and Site Classification

The more you know about your Microsoft Teams and Site Collections, the more valid decisions you can make about the policies that apply to them. NAVOO® Governance helps you further qualify your collaboration spaces with freely definable metadata.

Audit processes

Engage your teams and site owners to conduct regular audits of your workspaces. Through process audits with NAVOO® Governance, you ensure sustainable and transparent security depending on the use case - for controlling permissions, sensitive data or team classifications.

Permissions and Sharing Settings

NAVOO® Governance allows a global definition and control of permissions for owners, members and guests of a workspace individually according to the use case. Thus, you can store appropriate permissions and settings for sharing content within a department, a project or your knowledge base (intranet).

Guests in the system

Direct collaboration with service providers, partners and customers increases the productivity of your company. With NAVOO® Governance, you ensure that your guests are created as qualified users. Definable process guidelines and the linking of guest users with responsible employees ensure a time-limited and transparent exchange of information.

Self Services

With NAVOO® Governance, you decide which features you want to make available to the owners of your teams and site collections and whether additional approval steps are required. This can include inviting guest users, creating private channels, increasing storage space, and more.

Quickstart for NAVOO® Governance

Already working with Microsoft 365 tools like Teams and SharePoint? Don't waste any more time and start your smart governance strategy today. We offer you the fastest solution: With the Quickstart option for NAVOO® Governance, we activate the module for you including our best practices templates within one day. After an introduction, you test the solution free of charge and directly in your own environment on your requirements. If you are satisfied and decide to use the module, we will provide you with an offer.

The module can be booked easily and without any obligation to the other modules of the NAVOO® platform. Your advantage: If you later decide to use other NAVOO modules, they can be combined without any problems. NAVOO® is optimally coordinated so that the modules complement each other.

Your Added Value With NAVOO® Governance

Increased efficiency in collaborative work processes
Reduced administration and support costs
Secure enterprise-wide data management
Change and adoption processes designed with you in mind
Cost and time savings thanks to predefined templates and central control
High user acceptance thanks to simple usability and processes adapted to users
Ready for immediate use
Savings potential with NAVOO®

You are still unsure whether NAVOO® is worthwhile for your organization? Take a look at our ROI estimate, which we have created for you based on an example use case. Based on a medium requirement level for governance and compliance in the digital workplace, we show you added value and savings potential for various user roles.

Test NAVOO® Governance without obligation with our Quickstart

Send us a request, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions About NAVOO® Governance

  • Our experience shows that NAVOO® Governance is well suited as a start to our SaaS platform - especially for companies already working with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. With templates, automation, and lifecycle management, the module offers a fast and efficient solution to manage existing Microsoft 365 services securely and smartly.

  • No fundamental changes are required to use NAVOO® Governance. The conversion and integration of your legacy systems is straightforward. NAVOO® Governance enables intuitive and automated workflows and supports your employees in their daily processes.

  • Yes, the modules of our SaaS platform NAVOO® can all be booked individually and independently of each other - including NAVOO® Governance. The decisive factor is your individual needs. And should you later be interested in further modules, the entire platform is coordinated and thus expandable.

  • The name of our integrated SaaS platform NAVOO® is made up of word parts of the terms NAVigation, Orchestration, and Organization - because that's what NAVOO® is all about. An intelligent, automated, and enterprise-wide control of your relevant content.

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