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Mobile Solutions

For maximum freedom of movement and an optimal overview


Cover all Standard Processes in the Supply Chain

Many companies still rely on paper-based processes in intralogistics that struggle to meet today’s requirements. For example, paper has many disadvantages compared to paperless methods in regard to the execution of picking, replenishment, goods receipt, or goods issue processes, such as loss of productivity or a lack of transparency.


If paper is no longer used, then expensive, heavy, and unwieldy RF scanners are used that are directly integrated into the principle system. This integration, as well as the expensive hardware and software prices for the scanners, mean companies have almost no leeway when it comes to the flexible design of processes. However, many companies are faced with a problem since flexible processes and dynamic staff deployment are essential levers for reacting to the volatility and dynamics of the markets.

platbricks Mobile Solutions covers all relevant standard processes in the supply chain. The app can be used on many types of mobile devices, supporting hands-free operation in particular.


platbricks Mobile Solutions optimizes the operative processes within a warehouse, from goods receipt to goods issue, with smart wearables.

The essential components in the control center are:

  • Basic Analytics
  • Order Manager
  • Resource Manager
  • Master data management

You can find these processes as apps in the platbricks App Store:


platbricks functions independent of manufacturer and hardware.


Paperless processes increase productivity
Inventory effort and expense is saved
Full transparency of goods flows, order status, and staff utilization
Significantly fewer quality controls when switching to paperless, hands-free picking
Very short learning times due to intuitive operating concept

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Michael Dreimann
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