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Application Modernization with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure App Modernization Packages

Even if companies have already completed the first Lift & Shift migrations to the cloud, there is still a lot of potential hidden within the systems. This applies in particular to on premise applications, which benefit substantially from application modernization after a successful cloud transformation.

Application Modernization with Microsoft Azure

After a successful Lift & Shift migration to Azure, only initial and short-term infrastructure optimizations such as rightsizing are regularly carried out. However, companies often only achieve significant added value through public cloud services by modernizing the applications.

Advantages of App Modernization

Increased speed and flexibility in application development
Cost savings of up to 60%
Reduced inefficiencies in service delivery
Improved security

Microsoft Azure App Modernization Packages

How do you find the right way to fully exploit the potential of the cloud with your applications and application landscapes? 
Use our App Modernization Packages to identify the potential of an application modernization, determine your location, initiate a first implementation and derive the next steps: 

App Modernization Envisioning

App Assessment

Implementation and operation

1-Day Workshop

Use App Modernization Envisioning to understand how cutting-edge Microsoft cloud services can help you improve your processes and unlock new potential.

We will assess an existing application and evaluate how refactoring the applications can save costs and effort and unlock the door to new and enhanced functionalities.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Result: concept design focused on customer requirements

1-Week Assessment

We analyze your applications in a holistic process using proven tools and methods in the context of your individual transformation journey.

During the Application Modernization Assessment, apps are identified for modernization in Azure, evaluated based on business as well as architecture criteria, and implementation is prioritized.

Assess & Identify

  • Collecting accurate data about your IT environment
  • Tool-based (quantitative) as well as questionnaire-based (interview-based, qualitative)


  • Analyze the collected data to create opportunities for optimization or modernization

Plan & Decide

  • Discuss identified recommendations and prioritize next steps

  • Duration: 1 week
  • Deliverable: Modernization plan for your applications (includes cost consumption estimates and reference architecture design)

24/7 DevOps operation

The third step is the implementation of the recommendations from the assessment and the implementation of the solution by our experts.

Within a few weeks, you can use your cloud-native application productively and under the highest security standards. Depending on the use case, the previously defined applications or users are integrated in the modernization process and the solution is implemented in your environment.

We support you with 24/7 DevOps operation and ongoing further development of your application with the latest Azure services. From now on, you will benefit from the added value of your cloud app. This creates innovation, relieves employees and reduces costs.

  • Duration: depending on the scope of the refactoring 
  • Result: "ready to use" cloud application

Arvato Systems: Your No. 1 implementation partner for application modernization with Microsoft Azure

Arvato Systems is an official Microsoft Azure Migrate Partner and holds one of the few German "Advanced Specializations" for Windows Server and SQL Server migrations to Microsoft Azure.

End-to-end support of your Azure account from billing to support contracts (Advanced Support for Partners and Premier Support) as well as 24/7 operation of your IT solutions by combining Azure Monitoring Services with our control center.

We are the first go-to for your cloud journey with over 30 years of project and operational experience with Microsoft products and 10 years of Azure Cloud experience.

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