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Digitalization of the SHIs

Cloud-based solutions as drivers in the healthcare sector

Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Sector: The Challenge for Health Insurance Companies

One thing is certain: digitalization will continue to grow in importance. Individual smart ideas for manageable purposes are just the beginning - it will become increasingly comprehensive and system-relevant. However, many organizations are still at the beginning, especially the major players in the healthcare sector - the statutory health insurers (SHIs). The need for sustainable digitalization in the healthcare sector and secure data management and handling is undisputed, but initiating comprehensive implementation is the big challenge.

Your Path to Digital Transformation - These Are the Most Important Steps

  1. Exploration of the needs of SHI providers
  2. Invitation to tender via consulting agency and selection of a qualified partner
  3. Iterative solution search and implementation
  4. Continuous adjustment and adaptation of scalable solutions to current requirements

Partners in the Digitalization of the Healthcare Sector

It quickly becomes apparent that sovereign IT, digitalization, hyperscaling and big data are no longer issues that a statutory health insurance company can solve independently. The increasing qualification requirements for employees, the high pace of technical change, and the differentiated and constantly growing challenges in cyber security: all call for a highly specialized, competent, and yet individual solution for a health insurance company.

A reliable and highly qualified partner is needed to ensure that investments in digitalization lead to a secure and results-oriented return on investment. Arvato Systems is this partner - we are in close contact with all major players in the healthcare sector and the global hyperscalers, develop solutions for the telematics infrastructure (TI) and are a proven pioneer in all aspects of digital transformation.

Why Arvato Systems as a Future Partner of SHI?

Integration into Bertelsmann as an international company with consolidated revenues of over €20 billion (2023)
Center of Excellence - International IT service provider for digital transformation and operator of gematik's central TI services
Competence team with experts directly from the SHI sector
Excellent technology know-how with state-of-the-art standards
Reliable partner for innovation, flexibility and proximity
Established specialists in IT outsourcing for health insurance companies
Best performance and maximum flexibility with Avvia Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
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We offer stable, secure and sovereign IT as a companion for a future-proof digital healthcare system in Germany. In doing so, we think beyond silos and plate edges and rely on IT - Made in Germany. In everything we do, Arvato Systems relies on proven experts who know the "customized" needs of SHI providers inside out. Together, we develop and implement individualized solutions on standardized IT architectures - whether on-prem, in the cloud or as hybrid solutions. This is how you can inspire and win back members, optimize your costs and get your SHI on track!

Arvato Systems

Sovereign IT with a Sovereign Cloud - Made in Germany

With three data centers and nine other locations, Arvato Systems is present throughout Germany. As an experienced KRITIS and operator of the central IT services of gematik we are certified to the highest security standards and are in close contact with all key players in the health industry in Germany. But despite all the awards and certifications: We are people who want to work in partnership with you on site to optimize your processes and shape the future of health and health data together with you.

We believe that, regardless of the idea of competition, all SHIs deserve a sovereign IT structure - Made in Germany - that is reliable, secure and future-proof. On this common basis, the SHIs can

  • learn and benefit from each other
  • Realize cost benefits through scaling
  • drastically increase their cyber and data security
  • Strengthen and expand prevention and prediction
  • Specialize and further develop their business models individually

Let’s Talk about Digitalized Statutory Health Insurance

Marcel Füchtenhans_quer

Get to know Marcel Füchtenhans, our expert for the digitalization of health insurance, in a short and non-binding appointment. He will be happy to deal with your individual needs analysis and support you in the digital transformation of your statutory health insurance.

Your IT Service Provider for Digitization in the Healthcare Sector

Arvato Systems sees itself as a partner and enabler in the digitalization of the healthcare system in Germany. Our specialists are in close contact and exchange with all key players in politics and IT as well as with hyperscalers. Together, we develop solutions that are both standardized and tailor-made - and significantly increase your data quality. What's more, we are already aware of the challenges that SHI providers will face in the course of the digital transformation in the healthcare market - for individual health insurance companies as well as for large health insurance associations.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Digitalization of SHI Providers

  • My IT is running! Why change anything?

    The saying "Never change a running system!" no longer applies in IT. The risk of data loss in the event of a failure or criminals gaining access to policyholders' most important data is too great. In addition, smart data collection, storage and analysis can provide new insights that can be directly translated into new digital business models.

  • My data center advises me to rely on local data storage - why is the cloud so much better?

    On-prem data centers are still suitable for certain purposes, for example for so-called "gold data". All other data and processes are far better and more secure in the cloud. Hyperscalers employ legions of cybersecurity specialists who are constantly averting current and future threats. In addition, many more experts are working on future components and solutions. Your statutory health insurance company's data is secure in the cloud and cannot be viewed by third parties.

  • How can digitalization reduce costs?

    Digitization makes it possible to simplify all processes and optimize costs. For example, digitizing the process for family questionnaires can save a considerable percentage of work. AI-supported data evaluations and services can also be used to evaluate the risk structure compensation (Morbi-RSA) and sharpen the target groups. Processing times and resources can also be drastically reduced through the digitalization of the sickness benefit payment process.

  • We have implemented dozens of home-made and self-developed applications - can we adopt our own structures?

    You can adopt and implement your own structures, but when it comes to automatic updates and upgrades, we always recommend relying on existing cloud solutions. Almost all processes can be better mapped in the cloud than with your own solution. Arvato Systems is at your side as a reliable and competent contact and sparring partner for all questions.

  • Where does Arvato Systems get its knowledge of how the healthcare market will develop?

    As an IT service provider in Germany that thinks globally and acts locally, we are in constant contact and exchange with all key players in politics, business and IT. Arvato Systems also operates the central services of the TI in Germany - supplemented by its own products such as the TI messenger tim+. We conduct our own research and development and are driven by the idea of improving the overall healthcare situation in Germany. No trend - but also no way - can bypass us.

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Your Contact for Digitalization in healthcare and cloud-based solutions

Marcel Füchtenhans_quer
Marcel Füchtenhans
Expert for the Digitalization of Health Insurance Companies