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Identity Provider for the German Healthcare Industry

More convenience and security for insureds with digital identities

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By mid-2024, all statutory health insurers in Germany must provide their insureds with a digital identity. From 2025 - part of gematik's roadmap to telematics infrastructure 2.0 - digital identities will also be made available to doctors in medical practices, hospitals, and other healthcare professions.  

Identity provider services are used here, which guarantee the respective authentication of the insured person(s). With a digital identity on the smartphone, the person can identify himself or herself in doctor's surgeries and gain access to a wide range of digital health applications such as the "ePA" or the "eRezept." We offer a future-proof and convenient solution for this, which already meets all the requirements of gematik and the eIDAS 2.0 regulation. 

Use Case

​Your Challenge

In the course of the expansion of the electronic patient record as a patient-centric "hub" for health data, the need for an uncomplicated exchange of medical data between patients and doctors is increasing. This also includes mobile scenarios, for example, in the field of emergency medicine. Identity provider services with centralized data storage can no longer meet this need. 

The Vision

In the target screen, the doctor is given direct access to relevant health data, such as allergies or blood groups, in a simple and direct manner. Access is data-protection compliant and without recourse to complex IT infrastructure or processes. 

Our Solution

Thanks to our innovative IDP solution, the data remains on the mobile device of the insured person and is thus in the hands of the owner. The data can be accessed with or without an Internet connection, ensuring maximum mobile convenience. The solution is future-proof and meets all legal requirements and specifications to comply with political regulations. 

Benefits for You

Safe Future-Proof Solution

The IDP solution from Arvato Systems already meets the necessary requirements of TI 2.0 and is already geared towards eIDAS with mobile data storage. 

Lower Costs for Security & Data Protection

Secure data storage on the mobile device eliminates the need for costly and complex IT infrastructure and processes. The solution is easy for customers to operate and integrate. 

Mobile Convenience for Insured Persons

With the solution, the data remains on the user's mobile device, which they can access and use with or without a connection to the Internet. 

Uncomplicated Access to the TI

By aligning the solution with the telematics infrastructure 2.0 in the sense of an approved IDP, users also have easy access to the TI's specialist applications. 

EU-Wide Use

By aligning the solution with the European eIDAS regulation, it also fulfills the requirements placed on an IDP beyond the national context. 

Wide Application Capability

The solution already covers more than 90% of all available mobile devices and is easy to integrate into your own application landscape.

Our Services for Your Success

  • We advise you based on your relevant use cases around the use of digital identities, mobile IDs, and secure authentication - in and outside the context of the telematics infrastructure. You benefit from our many years of experience in the field of health telematics and its requirements, as well as our in-depth knowledge of the specifications surrounding TI 2.0. 

  • After consulting, we establish an IDP solution tailored to your needs as part of a joint project. The modular architecture provides a flexibly adaptable solution that can be easily integrated into your application landscape in a short time. During the project, we also establish common service and governance processes as well as interfaces to ensure a smooth and consistent user experience for your users from an E2E perspective. 

  • As a reliable provider of the central services of the telematics infrastructure, we operate the IDP solution established for you in a cost-effective, stable and secure manner - in line with current requirements and embedded in jointly agreed end-to-end service processes. 

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