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Omnichannel for Real-Time Commerce

Understanding Customers. Making Touchpoints Visible. 

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Retail and the consumer goods industry are facing major challenges in an increasingly demanding and digital market environment. Customers today expect a seamless shopping experience across different channels. With innovative technologies such as E-Commerce platforms, Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence, you can optimize your processes, increase your efficiency and better understand and serve your customers. 


We offer customized consulting and solutions to give you a competitive edge and help you operate successfully in a challenging market environment. Our collaboration is focused on meeting individual requirements in the best possible way. 

Integrated Omnichannel Platform With Central Data Management​

Your Challenge

Unclear IT landscapes spread across different channels such as online stores, social media and brick-and-mortar stores increasingly challenge you. This leads to a high manual workload, inefficient processes and difficulties in integrating data from different systems to create a cosistent customer experience. 

The Vision

By implementing a centralized Data Management System, you enable seamless integration of your data from multiple touchpoints. Machine learning technologies create a personalized shopping experience across all channels to drive revenue growth and customer satisfaction. 

Our Solution

The solution for this vision lies in the implementation of an integrated Omnichannel platform incl. central Data Management and Machine Learning technologies in your IT architecture. This allows you to keep and manage all important data on articles, orders, inventories, delivery locations, customers or even prices in a central location. 

Benefits for You as a Retailer or Consumer Goods Manufacturer


The aroma® platform enables you to personalize your customer approach across all channels and create a seamless shopping experience. 


By integrating data from multiple channels, you promote more efficient data management and analysis. 

Revenue Growth

Delighted customers and lower costs from a Single Source of Truth can drive your revenue growth. 


Benefit from a scalable platform that can always be adapted to the growth and developments of the company. 

Data Security

Comprehensive reporting and alerting capabilities help you monitor your business processes and keep your data secure. 


Adapt quickly and easily to the individual requirements and needs of your clientele, thanks to numerous interfaces from the aroma® API suite. 


Omnichannel Consulting for Hagebau
EAI Service Architecture and Data-Center-Migration for Lekkerland

Our Services for Your Success

  • For a customized consultation, we evaluate your current situation together and develop recommendations for action based on your omnichannel goals. By implementing high-performance omnichannel solutions, we ensure that you can meet the individual needs and requirements of your customers. In addition, we offer training and support for our aroma® platform - so that you can use it optimally and benefit from it. 

  • With our platform you implement a central system between your customer touchpoints, e.g. the online store or the stationary stores, your warehouses as well as your previous IT structures, e.g. the ERP and financial systems. All data flows and order processes can thus be controlled and constantly optimized in a central business logic. 

  • This Single Source of Truth allows you to easily integrate modern IT technologies, such as headless commerce, into your omnichannel strategy. With our many years of omnichannel experience, we know how seamless ("unified") shopping processes can be supported by state-of-the-art back-end and front-end structures, making them even more flexible. This allows you to offer personalized recommendations and offers in real time after analyzing and evaluating your customer behavior. 

Omni-Channel Order Management with aroma®


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