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Track & Trace in the Consumer Goods Industry

Track & Trace in the Consumer Goods Industry

Counterfeit Protection with serialization and traceability

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Around the world, a large number of companies from a wide range of industries are suffering from product piracy. Online retail in particular makes it difficult for brand manufacturers and authorities to find and track down counterfeit products coming from countries such as China, and have them removed from platform providers. The end user often does not spot that the product is counterfeit at first glance.

Clients are subjected to poor quality and contents that are banned in the EU, among other things, while companies have to deal with significant sales losses and damage to their reputation. International counterfeiting operations no longer focus solely on brand name and luxury items; pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, automotive parts, toys, electronic products, and many other goods are increasingly being targeted by counterfeiters.

This is why IT solutions that deal with the serialization and tracking of goods are relevant for the consumer goods industry as well as the pharmaceutical sector. This development is largely driven by four factors:

  • Preventing counterfeiting
  • Regulatory standards
  • Proof of product origin
  • Inventory management

Download the White Paper now for free!

White Paper Download: "Optimize Your Value Chain with Track & Trace"

Find out in our white paper which advantages manufacturers, suppliers and end users can generate by implementing a Track & Trace solution. You get an effective approach to reducing costs while increasing the trust of your trading partners and customers. In addition to the introduction to Track & Trace, the white paper highlights the logistical processes within your supply chain - illustrated by an exemplary deployment scenario, among other things.

Mandatory field

Preventing counterfeiting

Regulatory standards

Proof of product origin

Inventory management

Counterfeit products represent a high risk and lost sales potential for brand manufacturers of consumer goods. The latest studies (such as EUIPO) show that the fashion sector alone, to name an example, loses around €23 billion annually in the EU. This makes preventing counterfeiting a very useful tool in avoiding these sorts of losses, especially in the sectors that are popular targets for it, namely fashion, cosmetics, electronics, spirits, replacement parts, and luxury goods.

New regulatory standards are being drawn up within the EU for an ever-increasing number of sectors in the consumer goods industry to increase consumer safety and to prevent counterfeiting altogether. The pharmaceutical and tobacco sectors are particular examples of this, but the food industry is also seeing a growing number of new regulatory standards. An increasing number of legal regulations are also coming into force in countries outside the EU, such as in Russia, that require products to be serialized and tracked while they are being shipped to consumers

In addition to the regulatory standards, it is also important for consumer goods manufacturers to know the exact origin of the products as well as their contents from manufacture to end user. The traceability of products is incredibly important in the food industry in particular as this is used to fulfill burden of proof obligations. This also means that recall processes can be carried out efficiently.

The ability to track individual products along the entire supply chain also allows inventory to be managed efficiently across the various distribution levels. Track & Trace also enables the significant potential of returns to be leveraged and potential counterfeit products to be identified during the return process.

Russia introduces mandatory labelling for unambiguous identification and verification of products from several industries


With the amendments to the existing federal law on state regulation of commercial activity in the Russian Federation, adopted by federal laws 487 and 488, Markirovka became a mandatory factor of Russian commercial activity. Government Decision No 792-R of April 28, 2018 approved a list of ten product groups that are subject to mandatory labelling for clear identification, including footwear, clothing and perfumes.  

Each product on this list, whether manufactured in Russia or imported into Russia, should be traceable throughout its entire life cycle. For this reason, each individual product must be provided with a Data Matrix Code (DMC), which contains additional elements for product verification in addition to the product number (GTIN) and individual serial number.

The verification information, consisting of verification code and key, cannot be generated by the company itself, but are provided exclusively by the Russian operator CRPT (Center for Research in Perspective Technologies).

Arvato Systems Is a Seasoned Partner with Experience in Implementing Track & Trace

The implementation of Russia’s Anti-Counterfeiting Resolution within your company is a complex project. The timelines set out by Russian operator CRPT (in Russian) are generally considered to be very tight and challenging, meaning extensive knowledge of Russia’s requirements for processes and reporting is an absolute must in order to implement the project successfully and within these tight timelines.

Arvato Systems provides IT and process consultation that makes your goods counterfeit-proof, regardless of industry.

In the healthcare segment, our serialization experts cover the entire end-to-end process chain with our own serialization solutions. Our portfolio contains solutions for companies ranging from SMEs to global companies. Arvato Systems has also been selected as a National Blueprint Service Provider by the European Medicines Verification Organization (EMVO). This allows us to provide the 28 EU countries as well as other non-EU states with a proven method to quickly, securely, and cost-efficiently implement all aspects of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive in the pharmaceutical industry. Our National Verification Systems have already been successfully put into operation in 17 EU states.

Find out how we use the expertise gained by our international teams from numerous projects to equip companies to meet the requirements in the area of medication protection with the Arvato CSDB serialization solution.


Use Case: Track & Trace of Intermediate Products
Use Case: Establishment of Loyalty Programs
Use Case: Supply Chain Tracking


Arvato Track & Trace Solution for your business in Russia

The Arvato Track & Trace Solution offers you the ability to design a suitable and operational process for your business. Regardless of your process – where, when and how labels shall be provided and no matter how many business partners have to be integrated into our solution, we can take care individually for you.

Download our solution description for free and learn more about the advantages and core functions that the Arvato Track & Trace Solution offers!

Benefit from Our Experience When It Comes to Successfully Implementing Healthcare Projects in the Russian Market

One of the market leaders in Europe for corporate solutions and national verification systems
Implementation experience: systems for 17 countries and over 70 pharmaceutical manufacturers
Projects completed in Russia
Proven serialization solution Arvato CSDB, which can be adapted to your business model
Can be customized to fit specific requirements
Integrated communication to Russian platforms
Comprehensive implementation of reporting requirements

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Aenova Group implements the requirements of the Falsified Medicines Directive with the help of the Arvato CSDB IT serialization solution

Counterfeit proof medicines

Implementation of Arvato CSDB - IT solution for successful drug serialization according to the Falsified Medicines Directive

Medication safety

Successful serialization in medicine production with the help of Arvato CSDB

Solution for Pharmaceutical Logistics

Arvato Systems uses logistics solution to fulfill FMD at Yusen Logistics.

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