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DMG MORI's declared goal was to optimize the trade fair experience for the public and at the same time gain precise insights into customer interests as an exhibitor. The idea: an interactive smartphone app that offers a wealth of information for optimal planning of the trade fair visit and involves the users personally. The advantage for the machine manufacturer: more clearly identified visitors and insights into their true needs.

Customer benefits

Planning optimization for visitors
Unique visitor identification
Effective lead capture
Data protection-compliant marketing activities

Project overview

Initial situation

Making yourself and your own portfolio stand out from the flood of information at a trade fair is no easy task for exhibiting companies. In addition, although new contacts can be made on site, there is usually not enough time for more in-depth discussions. As a result, exhibiting companies only gain limited insight into the needs of the public. This is how DMG MORI came up with the idea of an innovative solution for its DMG MORI City at EMO Hannover 2023, which offers visitors an optimal trade fair experience and at the same time provides the company with insights into their interests.


DMG MORI wanted to tackle these two challenges with an interactive smartphone app. To this end, the digital customer communication, which the company had greatly developed in recent years, was now also to be professionalized in the context of live events.

The solution

At EMO Hannover 2023, trade visitors were offered a special highlight: the DMG MORI Events App, an interactive smartphone app that enables customers to plan their visit to the trade fair and obtain information in advance. As a constant companion during the trade fair, the app helps visitors to find the right products and not miss out on any exciting news. The information collected before and during the event can also be accessed after the trade fair and is all available in one central location (the smartphone). The app, developed by the digital experience specialists at Arvato Systems, offers users a huge range of information for optimal planning and functions for a unique experience of the trade fair visit. For DMG MORI, it provides valuable insights into the behavior of EMO visitors who use the app. The app is available free of charge in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Our services

The task of the DX experts from Arvato Systems was to develop an interactive app for EMO 2023 that contains a precise map of the hall, enables registration for guided tours and provides additional information and brochures. The DX team also ensured that trade fair visitors could have all valuable information (about a machine, for example) transferred directly to their smartphone via QR codes. Registration for the catering area in DMG MORI City could also be completed via the app. For visitors who wanted more action at the trade fair, Arvato Systems integrated a beacon rally through the machine park, at the end of which the participants received a reward. Some of the many dozens of machines in DMG MORI City were equipped with beacons that communicate with the smartphone app via Bluetooth.

Our services

Addressing trade fair visitors digitally on site and involving them personally also brought DMG MORI an important advantage: the fundamental problem of often only finding out from a fraction of the audience what their requirements are was eliminated. Thanks to the digital support of the on-site event and the interaction options integrated into the app, DMG MORI was able to obtain a much clearer picture of the interests of EMO visitors - and in full compliance with GDPR. The highlight: the company can now carry out its marketing based on this data - with significantly better lead capture and more effective follow-up activities after the event.

With the app, the DX team from Arvato Systems solved two central challenges for DMG MORI: Firstly, the machine tool manufacturer was now able to identify more visitors, and secondly, it learned which machines were of interest to whom. Last but not least, Arvato Systems developed the DMG MORI Events App to motivate trade fair visitors to disclose their interests and thus take advantage of the many digital interaction and information opportunities.

The customer DMG MORI

DMG MORI is a leading global manufacturer of machine tools. Holistic automation, digitalization and sustainability solutions expand the core business of turning and milling machines, advanced technologies (ULTRASONIC, LASERTEC) and additive manufacturing. Its customer-oriented services over the entire life cycle of a machine tool include training, repair, maintenance and spare parts service.

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You can find more details about this project in our case study for download.

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