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4th IT Security Roundtable

Concentrated first-hand expertise for your IT security

4th IT Security Roundtable

Wednesday, 17 April 2024, 09:30 am - 12:00 pm


Following the successful events of previous years, the IT Security Roundtable is now entering its fourth round. This is because the demand for solutions for improved cyber security is high. According to a recent survey by Lünendonk, 80 percent of companies plan to increase their cyber security budgets in 2024. At the same time, there is just as much interest in reliable information about the necessary adjustments that go hand in hand with changing legal regulations as in new security technologies.


Join us and learn from renowned experts how to take your IT security to the next level! Participation is free of charge.

What you can expect at the 4th IT Security Roundtable

High-ranking speakers - current topics

Andreas Wach

Partner Solution Architect Security & Compliance at Microsoft

Presentation: AI meets security with Microsoft Copilot for Security

In his presentation, Andreas Wach raises awareness of the omnipresent danger of falling victim to a cyber attack - regardless of whether it is a small municipal facility or a major international corporation. He will also use a short product demo to show how companies can define their own security journey - and why this is particularly important now.

Dr. Consuela Utsch

General Manager at Acuroc Solutions

Lecture: IT security is like a net - the catch is only safe if every node holds

Many companies lack a holistic concept for IT security; it is purely operational. Against this background, Dr. Consuela Utsch shows which integrated security measures need to be taken strategically, procedurally and organizationally. She also explains how data and systems can be protected with the help of responsibilities, roles and awareness measures.

Andreas Nolte

Head of Cyber Security at Arvato Systems

Presentation: NIS2 gets serious about IT security. And what now?

The legal requirements of NIS2 will apply from October 2024 without a transitional period. In his presentation, Andreas Nolte will explain the relevance of NIS2 for companies and present the key aspects and scope of NIS2 so that companies can avoid being penalized with high fines. He will also outline practicable solutions for specific requirements.

Frank Bunn

Expert for Cyber Security at Microsoft

Presentation: (I)OT Security - An integrated component of the Microsoft Security Stack

In his presentation, Frank Bunn will show why IoT and OT systems need to be secured. He will also present Enterprise IoT as a new component of M365 E5 and Security E5 and show how OT security works in practice. He will also demonstrate how companies can get the maximum benefit from their investment in MS Defender for IoT and MS Sentinel - also with regard to (I)OT security.

Timo Schlüter

Business Owner Cyber Security at Arvato Systems

Presentation: SAP Security - But secure!

SAP systems are business-critical for companies - and are often not adequately protected. In his presentation, Timo Schlüter explains the relevance of SAP security and shows why functioning detection and response processes are essential. He also presents a checklist for secure SAP environments and shows how companies determine the maturity level of their SAP security.

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