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The BPM solutions from Arvato Systems make your business processes digital, automated and more efficient!

What Is Business Process Management?
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Processes Are Our Passion

With our longstanding industry-specific expertise in all areas of business process management, we offer comprehensive service as a single service provider: from consulting, modeling, analysis, monitoring, reporting, optimization, and automation to the integration of process-supporting management systems - for which our know-how and experience in project and quality management as well as in securing compliance guidelines serve as a basis. The certification of our own quality management system according to ISO9001:2015 underlines our passion for processes!

What Is Business Process Management?

But what exactly does Business Process Management (BPM for short) mean? Business Process Management is one of the most important methods of managing a company. Based on process documentation, analyses and optimization are carried out and continuously monitored - to understand the business processes holistically, keep track of them, and thus ensure the smooth and efficient flow of all processes.

Business Process Management With Arvato Systems

As a result of digitalization, a great deal is demanded from companies: never before have flexibility and scalability been as relevant as today. Maximum efficiency and maximum control of all business processes are all the more important. Those that do not adapt quickly enough to modern developments and grow are doomed to failure.

With the right system, you can bundle all processes in a single software, regardless of whether standardized, automated or new tasks and processes - they can all be combined centrally and across departmental and system boundaries. Hereby you lay the best foundations for competitive digital business processes throughout the company.

We advise and support you in system selection, documentation and analysis, process optimization, and subsequent monitoring of your processes. A team of experts is by your side to ensure that everything runs smoothly: Arvato Systems offers you holistic support in optimizing your business processes. BPM solutions, such as the Transformation Suite BIC Platform developed by us and our strategic partner GBTEC, help you design, automate and reliably evaluate processes more efficiently.

Our Offer

Concerning system integration, you benefit from our professional change management, and with our methods, we increase the efficiency and competitiveness of your company. Informative training in the area of process management deepens the knowledge around the application of the solutions. In addition, our Application Management includes comprehensive support services to ensure smooth, compliant processes.

  • Longstanding experience and expertise as one of the leading IT service providers and system integrators
  • Consulting and project management on BPM
  • Consulting regarding the implementation of BPM
  • System integration of BPM platforms into the existing IT infrastructure
  • Professional Change Management
  • Informative training in the area of process management
  • Application Management and comprehensive support

4 Steps to Successful Business Process Management

CURRENT status

Definition TARGET processes

Implementation TARGET processes


Step 1: Elicitation of the CURRENT status

We accompany you throughout the entire value chain to achieve the greatest possible process optimization for your business. As a first possible step, our experts document the CURRENT processes. This allows our experts to grasp the business processes within your company to get an idea of the actual requirements, followed by the analysis and process consulting of the TARGET processes.

Step 2: Process consulting and definition of the TARGET processes

If the CURRENT processes have been documented first, they form the basis for the joint analysis of the ACTUAL status and the elaboration of the TARGET processes. Alternatively, it is also possible to start with the TARGET definition compared with the current status. In both cases, the new transparency of the processes reveals any existing potential for improvement to gain more time for the operative and strategic core tasks.

Step 3: Implementation of TARGET processes

Processes, process components, and recurring routine tasks are automated in digitization with the help of a management system. Our comprehensive solutions in Business Process Management can be adapted exactly to the needs within your company and the existing IT landscape, thus offering you maximum added value.

Step 4: Monitoring and continuous improvement

Through the application of performance monitoring and reporting, you can continuously measure your success using predefined key figures. In so doing, we minimize risks so that your company can unfold to its full potential.

Your Benefits From a BPM System

Digitize recurring tasks and processes
Optimize processes in the long-term
React quickly to changes
Steer complex processes
Automating and standardizing processes using workflows
Monitoring of key figures
Compliance with governance, risk & compliance guidelines in all processes

Our BPM Services

We will be happy to advise you on the appropriate services to optimize your business, which are available individually or as a complete package.


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  • Public Cloud and Private Cloud
  • Application Management
  • Application Hosting


  • Product training
  • Method training
  • Individual training

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Frequently Asked Questions about Business Process Management

  • Business Process Management, or BPM for short, is a procedure that analyzes, controls, designs or improves all internal company processes. This includes both analog and digital processes. BPM enables companies to achieve their set goals faster and more efficiently. 

  • With Business Process Management you manage your processes and tasks in no time. BPM creates strong transparency for your existing processes: You establish a comparison with the target state and develop a continuous improvement process (CIP) on this basis. In the course of this, the digitization of your processes takes place and you increasingly increase your efficiency. Thanks to intelligent technology, you can monitor and control complex processes and react to unplanned changes at lightning speed. 

  • Digitization in your company basically comes down to the digitization of processes. However, if you transfer your existing processes one-to-one into the digital space, you will neglect numerous options that arise for you when digitizing your business activities. If you take the path to digitization using business process management technologies, you will receive all the benefits of a systematic introduction and approach to BPM. By reducing the complexity of your processes, you will benefit from higher efficiency, faster digital transformation and thus lower costs and accelerated refinancing.

  • At Arvato Systems, you benefit from our many years of experience and professional know-how and tool expertise in process management. Your advantage: As an IT systems integrator, we know our way around all industries - including yours. We have the manpower to provide you with a holistic solution for your business process management. In addition, we provide support for BPM systems in our certified data center or in the cloud and are available to you with professional support as needed. With us, you get everything from a single source - and at a top price-performance ratio.

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