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Collaboration with Microsoft 365 and Arvato Systems

Rely on intelligent solutions from the Microsoft 365 package and the Digital Workplace expertise of Arvato Systems for the highly efficient, collaborative work of your teams!

Collaboration of Your Teams With Microsoft 365 and Arvato Systems: Efficient and Modern

A trend study by the online platform Upwork shows that by 2028, 73 percent of all teams will have employees working from flexible locations.  The megatrend of remote work requires a high degree of collaboration and coordination among teams - even more than is already the case for efficient collaboration. It is therefore essential for employers to meet the demands of the Digital Workplace through intelligent tools and applications. We explain the benefits of Arvato Systems' Microsoft 365 Collaboration solution for employee collaboration and how to get the full potential out of the Microsoft 365 platform.

This Is Collaboration at The Next Level

What tasks are pending, what decisions have been made, and where can I find the most up-to-date information? Microsoft 365 answers these questions with a comprehensive infrastructure for collaboration, consisting of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. Do you want to make your collaboration as productive, secure, and sustainable as possible? Arvato Systems supports you with a standardized solution for maximum efficiency: NAVOO®.

The NAVOO® SaaS platform extends the Microsoft 365 standard and offers you powerful solutions for collaboration, corporate communication and governance. NAVOO® enables your employees and teams to independently manage mailboxes, files and content. And do so securely, competently and, thanks to defined and qualified processes, completely without loss of acceptance

This Is Why Collaboration Solutions Are Also Worthwhile for Your Company

Work From Anywhere

Intelligent solutions for collaboration and communication between employees and teams are worthwhile for every company. However, the requirements for a collaboration application increase especially with a high number of company locations and remote workstations. With collaboration solutions from Microsoft 365 and Arvato Systems, you can achieve location- and device-independent and efficient teamwork.

Structured and Secure Collaboration

Meet your compliance policies with Microsoft 365 - Microsoft offers complementary tools for Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive to protect your data. With our Digital Workplace solution NAVOO® you keep the overview and control of information exchange within and outside your company.

Challenges Around the Collaboration of Your Teams

How do you ensure optimal security and relevance of your content without reducing productivity, even with many employees, customers, teams, and filing structures? The challenges for successful collaboration start with communication within and across teams and externally with customers and partners. In addition, document and content management plays a critical role in collaboration. Without a good compliance and governance strategy, you lose the acceptance and trust of your employees and risk losing sensitive corporate data. Unregulated creation of new teams and filing of documents leads to duplicates, outdated data and loss of transparency. The consequences are incorrect information, wrong decisions, and loss of time.

Microsoft 365 and Arvato Systems for high-performance collaboration

We work with you to develop and implement a concept for optimal governance, compliance, and architecture for your custom-fit collaboration strategy. We consider your requirements and analyze your company's current IT structure. In doing so, we consider the following areas, among others:

  • Team architecture and lifecycle
  • File storage structures
  • Compliance requirements
  • Client landscape
  • End devices
  • Room systems
  • PBX, ACD systems, and telephony hardware 
  • Call number concepts

Benefit from our strong Microsoft competence and extensive expertise. Work with us to find the solution that perfectly fits your business - whether individual applications from the Microsoft 365 package or our innovative digital workplace solution NAVOO.

Our Collaboration Solutions from Microsoft 365

Access the intelligent solutions of Microsoft 365 for the collaboration of your employees with us. Your advantage: You decide which applications you need. Whether individually or in combination, we advise you according to the requirements of your target environment, implement the collaboration tools in your IT infrastructure and ensure the provision of your Modern Workplace. The applications have interfaces to integrate the complete Collaboration Solution of Microsoft 365 to ensure the highest productivity of work.

Our SaaS platform for Microsoft 365: NAVOO

Microsoft 365 offers a comprehensive basis for modern and collaborative collaboration. The potential and possibilities are enormous, but when it comes to their maximum efficient and intuitive use, Microsoft sometimes reaches its limits. This is where NAVOO takes over: NAVOO bundles functions and requirements from the areas of governance, intranet and Microsoft 365 add-ons in a central, smart solution.

NAVOO Governance supports your teams in efficient collaboration in a predefined context under the aspects of security, transparency and structure. You create templates for your specific processes to provide your employees with the appropriate authorizations, tools and workflows for collaborative work.

With NAVOO Intranet, you provide targeted, relevant content for defined groups of people - thanks to intelligent and partially automated classification, your employees receive the right information at the right time.

The Microsoft 365 add-ons enable you to align your digital workplace precisely and strategically to your individual needs.

Benefit from the best practices of other customers with NAVOO. We attach importance to making the work of your teams as productive, intuitive and secure as possible.

With Microsoft Teams, Microsoft offers a comprehensive collaboration and communication platform that enables your employees and customers in internal and external teams to communicate intuitively and share relevant documents.

SharePoint is Microsoft's leading document management and collaborative work platform. SharePoint lets you collaborate on documents with other users, manage the sharing of individual files, and structure your documents by department and team.

Microsoft OneDrive is your storage in the cloud. Access your documents from anywhere, regardless of device, share links with team members, and manage access rights. You can also easily store documents from Teams and SharePoint in your personal OneDrive folder.

Advantages of Your Collaboration Solution With Arvato Systems

Excellent expertise as a Microsoft Gold Partner and experienced Digital Workplace experts
Approach based on proven best practices, with templates and blueprints from numerous successful customer projects
Individual consulting approach, taking into account your requirements, wishes and your existing collaboration environment
Flexible adaptation of collaboration tools to suit your needs
Productive and secure collaboration with customers, partners and internally
Increased employee acceptance thanks to professional and comprehensive collaboration and communication solution
High degree of security, customer orientation and reliability

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Structured communication is essential to the success of your business. The intelligent communication solution of Microsoft 365 supports the seamless exchange and collaboration of your teams.

Desktop as a Service

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Managed Microsoft Security Services

Benefit from the ideal combination for protecting your company data against cybercrime! We use our expertise and extend Microsoft 365 Defender or Azure Defender with our own security services.


As a progressive company, it is essential to manage your data professionally. Get familiar with Governance from Microsoft 365 and create clear policies for the security of your company data!

Workplace Enterprise Suite (WPES)

Discover our Managed Service Package for your successful Workplace Transformation. Our WPES offers you a complete package from migrating existing applications to secure operation and deployment of your digital work environment.

Endpoint Management

Get to know Microsoft's comprehensive solution for managing your devices! Endpoint Management from the Microsoft 365 package provides full control over all devices from your organization.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Collaboration

  • Microsoft 365 offers numerous tools for productive collaboration among your employees. Microsoft Teams is the leading collaboration and communication solution, and SharePoint is the ideal platform for your document storage and collaborative work.

  • NAVOO is our Digital Workplace Solution for Microsoft 365 and consists of three pillars: Collaboration, Communication, and Governance. The solution integrates all tools from the Microsoft 365 environment and enhances them with numerous functions and best practices. Your advantage: With NAVOO, you get a standardized solution for secure, efficient, and structured collaboration with Microsoft 365.

  • The productive and secure collaboration of your teams is a decisive factor for the success and competitiveness of your company. Unstructured data management and inefficient communication pose high risks for security, costs and quality. With the intelligent collaboration tools from Microsoft 365 and Arvato Systems, you create the best foundation for efficient collaboration.

  • Communication in a company includes exchanging your employees in team and personal chat groups, via email, video, and telephone conferences. It is an essential part of collaboration.
    Collaboration is the integration of employees and teams into the enterprise infrastructure. Collaboration ensures seamless collaboration through communication, management, and structure.

  • Thanks to our long-standing Gold Partnership with Microsoft and our professional expertise as Modern Workplace experts, we are your ideal contact for professional Microsoft Collaboration Solutions. Whether for classic Microsoft 365 solutions or our own Digital Workplace solution NAVOO - we take your requirements into account and advise you individually, based on best practices for the successful use of Microsoft 365.

Your Contact for Collaboration

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