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Logistics and supply chain are essential functions in every company, which must be individually tailored and optimized for the company. To do justice to the complexity of the processes and the associated individual design of supply chain management consulting, we have developed a structured and functional analysis, planning, and simulation procedure with which we can analyze and map the entire processes. We create a holistic picture of your supply chain across company boundaries, identify previously unused potential and weaknesses in existing logistics and develop a catalog of measures to refine logistics processes throughout the company. Supply chain optimization succeeds through many small steps.


Supply Chain Excellence

Strategy Excellence

Process Excellence

Factory and Location Planning


Supply Chain Strategy Excellence

Based on our industry experience and methods in supply chain optimization, we analyze your entire competitive, customer, and market situation. We create a strengths and weaknesses profile of the overall logistics as an as-is situation. Based on this, we can develop a resilient supply chain design concept together with you. Typical elements of supply chain consulting include the realignment and consolidation of existing business processes, the analysis of locations, transport data, make-or-buy techniques, and the optimization of transport and distribution strategies.

Supply Chain Process Excellence

Internationalization of markets, increasing competition and cost pressure, growing quality and service requirements, or increasing legal requirements for traceability and documentation of goods determine your everyday life as a logistics specialist in supply chain management. But how efficiently are the projects already implemented really? Should further adjustments be made in supply chain management? Have your employees effectively adapted to the new processes? We offer answers to these questions with our supply chain management consulting: An interdisciplinary team of experts examines your logistics processes and checks, among other things, IT customizing, logistics technology, as well as your key figures and reporting system for effectiveness and efficiency. In addition, we analyze and evaluate real quantity and structure data, such as customer orders, stock placements/replacements/removals in the warehouse, picking and transport orders, and inventory data. Based on the findings, we create practice-proven implementation proposals within the scope of supply chain optimization to reduce, e.g., lead times, error rates, and process costs and thus ensure better key figures in the various logistics and production areas.

Factory and Location Planning 4.0

Does your supply chain management need to be adapted to new circumstances? Whether it is a change in the degree of automation, greenfield or structural expansion, a recent acquisition, or retrofit - with "Logistics Planning 4.0," we offer you a holistic and effective planning approach in our supply chain management consulting. In a virtual working environment, we generate realistic models for companies' supply chains to inspect future logistics systems, simulate these logistics systems, and obtain detailed evaluations taking into account physical and mechanical properties. We test warehouse management systems, including virtual commissioning, and thus create the conditions for the optimal project result within our supply chain consulting scope. In this way, we improve the profitability of your logistics projects and, at the same time, create maximum planning security for supply chain optimization.

Supply Chain Transformation

Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, digitization, 3D printing, M2M, same-day delivery - numerous disruptive technologies are already influencing value chains and logistics processes and replacing tried-and-tested best practices: For example, M2M communication is already making complex process control systems obsolete, and 3D printing processes are simplifying multi-level warehouse concepts. As a result, IT solutions' degree of penetration and complexity in supply chain management is growing. Strategy, operations, technologies, organization, and IT are increasingly merging - but only the correct mix will give you decisive competitive advantages. To help you secure these advantages, our supply chain consulting services include an "Industry 4.0" readiness check, a "Supply Chain Management 2025" assessment, a supply chain execution platform, and integrated mobile SCM solutions in SAP. We help you master the digital transformation in logistics and adapt supply management optimization individually to your company and your industry. Thanks to our supply chain consulting, you remain competitive against competitors and build resilient structures integrating the latest technologies.

Our Services within Supply Chain Consulting

Our supply chain management consulting offers a practical hands-on approach and is not purely technological. We combine modern analysis tools with expertise, years of experience, and measurable and resilient success figures and thus help our clients to make their supply chain management the basis of their company's short and long-term success. With our supply chain consulting, we support our clients in recognizing improvements and potentials of their supply chains, implementing improvements, and firmly anchoring them in their processes. In doing so, supply chain consulting from our company not only starts at the management level but also takes employees on board as an active part of the system so that they support supply chain optimization and understand the changes in supply chain management. As part of the supply chain managed service, we work together with the people responsible internally on a long-term and permanent basis to achieve supply chain optimization that improves the company's long-term key performance indicators and can respond quickly and sustainably to changes in the market or customer behavior.

Modern technologies in the field of supply chain management and a clear focus on measurable and traceable results distinguish us from our customers and clients. Our supply chain management consulting always focuses on our clients and their industries' goals and wishes. We create tailor-made solutions together with you instead of only marginally improving the supply chain in your company with unsuitable off-the-shelf solutions. Our goal in supply chain consulting is to position your company for the future and make supply chain management more resilient and sustainable.

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Whether you are at the very beginning of your journey or already on the road - we get on board at every stop and accompany you in the digital transformation of your supply chain. We will be happy to advise you in our "Logistics Check-up" - make an appointment now.

Why Arvato Systems?

Arvato Systems has evolved over the years to become an expert in supply chain managed services, offering clients cutting-edge digital technology and deep expertise across the team to sustain supply chain optimization across industries. As supply chain business consultants, we develop a sustainable change management strategy for our clients to achieve resilient and sustainable results in any industry.

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Best in Class!

For its competence in Artificial Intelligence, Arvato Systems has received several awards in the current study "PAC Innovation Radar - AI-related Services in Germany 2020" by the market analysis and consulting company PAC.

In the "Logistics/SCM" area, our AI-related services were ranked "Best in Class".

Deep Dive

White Paper "AI in Logistics"

In this white paper, we describe the importance of AI for the logistics industry, present some use cases, and provide tips and advice on what to consider when implementing AI solutions.

SAP® Transformation in Logistics

Real-time capability and security as well as flexibility and scalability form challenges that logistics managers have to face. A holistic software environment could be the answer.

Use Case Collection: Use Cases of AI in Logistics

The use of artificial intelligence takes process quality and efficiency to a new level in logistics as well. Here, we have compiled ten use cases of AI in logistics for you and show their advantages.

ISG Provider Lens "Digital Business Enablement and ESG Services"

Arvato Systems was recognized as a Leader by ISG in the Provider Lens™ "Digital Business Enablement and ESG Services 2022" for its competencies. Download now.

Demo System: platbricks® Warehouse Management

Get to know the cloud-based platbricks® Warehouse Management in practice and try out the module over a period of 14 days in our free demo system. 

Demo System: platbricks® Chatbot Platform

Please get to know the platbricks® chatbot platform in our free demo system for 14 days and use the five bots provided in it. You can chat independently with the bots and customize or extend them according to your needs. 

Dos and Don'ts of Using Chatbots in Logistics

There are a few things to consider when introducing chatbots in logistics. Our checklist tells you what you need to pay attention to.

Full Transparency in Subcontracting

With these tips, you'll be able to keep track of inventory and manufacturing steps at the contract service provider when subcontracting.

Chatbots In Logistics: Innovation Brief

This Innovation Briefing provides background knowledge on chatbots and presents a number of use cases in detail.

Free Logistics Check-up

Whether you are at the very beginning of your journey or already on the road - we get on board at every stop and accompany you in the Digital Transformation of your supply chain. We will be happy to advise you in our "Logistics Check-up" - make an appointment now.

Digitization Of Logistics With Arvato Systems

An overview of our solutions for digitizing your logistics processes.

platbricks® - Smart Logistics Unlimited

Designed as a digital modular system, platbricks® can be used to orchestrate internal and cross-company logistics processes and execute them with smart mobile wearables.

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