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Supply Chain Consulting

Consolidated expertise for your Logistics

Designed for Customized Logistics

In every company, logistics is a complex, cross-departmental function, and the process landscape associated with it is unique. We have developed a structured analysis, planning, and simulation process throughout the course of countless logistics projects to handle exactly this level of complexity and customization. Analyses and concepts provide us with a comprehensive picture of your supply chain, allow us to identify untapped potential, and help us quickly and precisely develop a prioritized catalog of ideas for optimizing your logistics processes.


Supply Chain Excellence

Strategy Excellence

Process Excellence

Factory and Location Planning


Supply Chain Strategy Excellence

Our comprehensive experience with methods and industries forms the foundation for a broad analysis of your current situation in terms of customers, competition, and the market. Based on this analysis, we derive an individual strength/weakness profile for your supply chain and work with you to develop a concept for planning and executing necessary change processes as part of your individual supply chain design. Typical objectives include the development of a supply chain strategy, realignment or consolidation of business processes, location analyses, transport data analyses, make-or-buy analyses, and optimization of distribution and transport strategies.

Supply Chain Process Excellence

Globalized markets, growing competitive and cost pressure, increasing demands in terms of quality and service, and stricter legal requirements concerning the traceability and documentation of goods are the factors that define your day as a logistics specialist. But how efficient were your past projects, really? Is it possible or necessary to make further adjustments? Has your organization adjusted effectively to the new processes? Our logistics check provides the answers to these questions: An interdisciplinary team of experts assess your logistics processes and checks the effectiveness of aspects such as IT customization, logistics technology, and your KPI and reporting system. Additionally, we analyze and evaluate real quantity and structural data such as customer orders, stock deposits, transfers, removals in the warehouse, picking and transport orders, and inventory data. Based on these insights, we then draw up proven approaches for implementation that will reduce throughput times, error rates, and process costs, among other things.

Factory and Location Planning 4.0

Do your logistics processes or your warehouse need to be updated to meet new demands? Greenfield or structural expansion, changing the level of automation, new acquisitions or retrofitting – with logistics planning 4.0, we deliver a comprehensive, effective approach to planning. Using virtual reality, we create realistic models to inspect future logistics systems, simulate logistics systems, and generate detailed evaluations that take physical and mechanical properties into account, and test warehouse management systems (including virtual commissioning), allowing us to create the ideal conditions for the perfect project result. In this way, we improve the cost-effectiveness of your logistics processes while concurrently giving you a maximum degree of planning security.

Supply Chain Transformation

Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, digitalization, 3D printing, M2M, same-day delivery: Numerous disruptive technologies are already influencing today’s value-added chains and replacing tried-and-true best practices. M2M communication, for instance, is eliminating the need for complex process management systems, and 3D printing processes are making it easier to develop multi-stage warehousing concepts. However, these technologies are also increasing the degree of urgency and complexity of IT solutions in supply chain management. Strategies, processes, technologies, organization, and IT are increasingly merging – but only the right combination of these factors will give you the competitive edge. We want to see you succeed, so we offer an Industry 4.0 readiness check, a Supply Chain Management 2025 assessment, a supply chain execution platform, and integrated mobile SCM solutions in SAP. We help you tackle the digital transformation of your logistics processes.

PAC RADAR AI-related Services_Badge_Logistics SCM_Badge_Best in Class
Best in Class!

For its competence in Artificial Intelligence, Arvato Systems has received several awards in the current study "PAC Innovation Radar - AI-related Services in Germany 2020" by the market analysis and consulting company PAC.

In the "Logistics/SCM" area, our AI-related services were ranked "Best in Class".

Deep Dive

White Paper "AI in Logistics"

In this white paper, we describe the importance of AI for the logistics industry, present some use cases, and provide tips and advice on what to consider when implementing AI solutions.

SAP® Transformation in Logistics

Real-time capability and security as well as flexibility and scalability form challenges that logistics managers have to face. A holistic software environment could be the answer.

Demo System: platbricks® Warehouse Management

Get to know the cloud-based platbricks® Warehouse Management in practice and try out the module over a period of 14 days in our free demo system. 

Dos and Don'ts of Using Chatbots in Logistics

There are a few things to consider when introducing chatbots in logistics. Our checklist tells you what you need to pay attention to.

Full Transparency in Subcontracting

With these tips, you'll be able to keep track of inventory and manufacturing steps at the contract service provider when subcontracting.

Chatbots In Logistics: Innovation Brief

This Innovation Briefing provides background knowledge on chatbots and presents a number of use cases in detail.

Free Logistics Check-up

Whether you are at the very beginning of your journey or already on the road - we get on board at every stop and accompany you in the Digital Transformation of your supply chain. We will be happy to advise you in our "Logistics Check-up" - make an appointment now.

Digitization Of Logistics With Arvato Systems

An overview of our solutions for digitizing your logistics processes.

platbricks® - Smart Logistics Unlimited

Designed as a digital modular system, platbricks® can be used to orchestrate internal and cross-company logistics processes and execute them with smart mobile wearables.

Logistics Trends 2021

Which logistics trends will accompany us in the coming year? And how can managing directors and logistics managers take advantage of these trends to master their own challenges?

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Overview of Our SCM and Logistics Solutions

Quantum Leaps in Supply Chain Management with Arvato Systems We manage our clients’ entire long-term business development. The task requires comprehensive SCM expertise, flexibility, and innovation as well as an entrepreneurial approach to thinking and acting. We serve as our clients’ strategic and technology partner, IT implementation and process optimization specialist, education and change manager, and service partner for hosting and applications.

Benefit From Our Expertise in Warehouse Management

Today’s modern, complex warehouse and distribution centers as well as warehouses held by SMEs need far more than the classic basic functions of a warehouse management system: Support for goods receipt and issue, stock management, and inventory management as well as advanced functions for controlling complex processes such as return processing or multi-customer warehouses are increasingly important.

We Are the SAP Partner for Your Digital Transformation

For many years, IT only defined companies’ electronic infrastructure – but today, digital transformation means that IT is a decisive factor in a company’s long-term success. This holds particularly true for company-wide, strategically vital systems such as SAP solutions: SAP S/4HANA and CX.

Your Contacts for Supply Chain Consulting

Siegbert Strauch
Siegbert Strauch
Expert for Logistics IT
MA_Commerce_Pascal Leppich
Pascal Leppich
Expert for Logistics IT
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Expert for Logistics IT