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First Responders in SHI - Chatbots as the New Standard in Customer Communication

More efficiency and cost savings through AI-supported chatbots for health insurance companies

Chatbots as the New Standard in Customer Communication at SHI Providers
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Virtual assistants, known as chatbots, are revolutionizing the digital world of statutory health insurance (SHI). These AI-driven systems not only offer round-the-clock availability and customized answers, but also contribute to significant cost savings and higher customer satisfaction.

"Good morning! How can I help you?" Virtual, multimedia assistants - chatbots - have long since taken the digital world by storm. The AI-controlled conversation partners interact with policyholders in natural language and - once implemented - are literally in tireless use. They have long since outgrown their teething troubles, respond specifically to inquiries based on previous contact history and even adapt their voice output to the individual policyholder. They communicate "at eye level" and replace official-looking terms with target group-oriented, comprehensible formulations.

The bottom line is that statutory health insurance (SHI) benefits from satisfied customers, clean documentation and the automated triggering of the next logical steps or measures through the use of intelligent chatbots. But that's not all: each individual communication also serves to optimize the underlying AI and to further develop and optimize the chatbot.


The chatbot as a universal specific

The famous ear to the customer is a guarantee for high customer satisfaction. And what could be more obvious than digitizing the points of contact with policyholders, which are sometimes highly volatile and therefore difficult to predict. Keyword: the volume of telephone calls recently during the pandemic, the introduction of the ePA or the future use of the TI messenger. However, the benefits of chatbots and virtual assistants go far beyond this: if you want to survive the competition and the current digital transformation pressure in the long term as a statutory health insurer, the use of AI-supported chatbots in customer communication gives you the opportunity to turn many screws at the same time and realize value increases. The use of a chatbot and the underlying LLM (Large Language Model) is therefore in the spirit of Noah Gordon's Medicus: a small but powerful "universal specific" - a solution for many of the current challenges, symptoms and difficulties faced by a SHI company.



The Core Benefits for SHI

Optimized customer service and accessibility

In addition to the obvious advantages - 24-hour availability, consistently high efficiency and emotional stability even after the thousandth "same" request - chatbots contribute to higher customer satisfaction. At the same time, when used internally, they can quickly help customer advisors to provide the right answer by checking exactly the right benefit details and eligibility requirements for the service employee during the conversation between the insured person and the advisor. This makes the service even faster and leaves more time for interpersonal communication.

Higher cost savings

The use of chatbots and LLMs (Large Language Models) can significantly reduce the workload of both service and support staff. Automated connection processes also reduce manual activities and incorrect entries. Thanks to the increased efficiency in customer communication, team members can concentrate on more complex topics, such as the further development of the underlying AI. After all, AI is only as good as the trained data.

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New services and products

Automated evaluations of customer contacts allow AI to recognize which products and services require fine-tuning or changes. This ranges from the comprehensibility of texts in letters to wording on the homepage, for example in service descriptions or restrictions. However, new digital business models are also possible thanks to the large number of new data points.

10 Strong Advantages of Chatbots at a Glance

By using chatbots, SHI providers benefit from a whole range of advantages - for themselves and especially for their policyholders:

24/7 availability with consistently high call quality
Maximum availability even at peak call volume times
Automatic adjustment of intelligibility and expression to the language level of callers in real time
Higher customer satisfaction through improved customer orientation
Efficient customer relationship management at the cutting edge
Reduction of error susceptibility and error rate
More than processed standards: self-learning and self-adapting system
Significantly lower service and support costs for the SHI system
Intuitive processing of all data obtained for improved prediction and new business models

Always on the Safe Side

Arvato Systems already knows and fulfills the strict criteria in terms of data protection and data quality when implementing digital solutions for SHI providers. Talk to us, one of Germany's best IT service providers in the healthcare sector and operator of the central TI services, before your costs explode due to your own special approaches or you trust self-qualified consultants who ultimately give you the same result! Rather rely on high-quality integrated solutions - with Arvato Systems as a strong partner.

Arvato Systems provides support in the implementation of chatbots and LLMs in communication with insured persons and, thanks to its many years of experience in digitization projects, is already available to provide support in the exploration phase before the project status and to determine the exact requirements and, if necessary, to specify upcoming tenders. As a professional in digitalization in the German healthcare sector, Arvato Systems knows the requirements of the industry and is ready to meet the challenge of noticeably improving the quality of care and communication with the insured with the help of secure digital solutions.

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Chatbots have become standardised communication instruments and are increasingly used, especially in the end customer sector. But they can also be a useful aid in logistics.

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