Successful Strategies Against Product Counterfeiting

This Is Why Measures for the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Medical Devices Sectors Pay Off

How to Effectively Protect Your Products From Counterfeiting

Product counterfeiting is a common and not a small problem. This is increasingly noticeable in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and medical devices sectors. To counteract this, track & trace solutions and brand protection communication are highly important. This enables companies to respond quickly and effectively to product piracy and thus not only protect their product but also save lives.

The brand protection study published by Arvato Systems together with Karg and Petersen once again underlines the importance of anti-piracy measures in all industries. The following sheet provides a detailed insight into the results for the industries of pharmaceutical, chemical, and medical devices.

About Karg und Petersen

Karg und Petersen provides companies of all sizes with innovative marketing communications. Founded in 1996, the agency has truly unique expertise in brand protection and anti-counterfeiting: Using specially designed measures from PR and marketing, companies can increase the impact of traditional brand protection measures, reduce the demand for counterfeit goods, and activate key stakeholders. Learn more about Anti-Piracy Communications.

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