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Driving Force for the Digitization of the Energy Industry

Simplification, Efficiency and Security through Digital Solutions

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Pioneers Instead of Laggards: Driving Force for Digitization

It all depends on the right attitude. The energy transition should not be seen as an obligation to bow to the pressure of digitization but as an opportunity to develop new business models in the diversifying energy market. Successful energy suppliers make good use of the potential of digitization and important data resource. Efficient and secure IT systems help energy suppliers provide personalized offers and services, sustainably improve customer loyalty, and permanently increase competitiveness. With complimentary consulting services for the energy industry, our experts develop the necessary IT strategies, processes, and business models.  

We make the digital energy world easier, more efficient, and safer and our customers more successful.  

Data & AI

The constantly growing amount of data is both an opportunity and an ever-greater challenge for utilities. Big data remains a core element of modern technologies. However, generating added value from this treasure trove of data requires clever solutions. To achieve this, we rely on artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can recognize meaningful correlations and derive alternative courses of action even in massive data sets.

Process automation

Whether individual process steps are to be automated by robot-controlled process automation (RPA) or entire process chains are to be processed by hyperautomation, the automation possibilities are unlimited, even for utilities, depending on the complexity. The topics of process mining as well as specialist applications, such as a clearing cockpit for market communication, can save resources via process automation.

Customer management

Since the advent of comparison portals, a new energy supplier can be found quickly. Therefore, if a utility wants to inspire its customers and retain them for a long time, it must think ahead and rely on the right solutions. Microsoft Dynamics 365, for example, offers energy supply companies an optimal supplement to their established systems with modular applications. For example, a 360° view of customers can create entirely new customer experiences: KPI-driven marketing campaigns, automated offer workflows or alerts for churn prevention can be expressed in low-code or no-code. What the Microsoft standard lacks, on the other hand, is the specific know-how surrounding the energy industry. We have taught Dynamics 365 precisely these special specialist processes in the form of our energy industry solution.

Metering Point Operation Act (MsbG) Amendment

Our IT solutions meet all the regulatory requirements of the German energy market. Against the backdrop of the MsbG amendment, we enable an accelerated rollout of smart metering systems by reducing bureaucracy and distributing costs fairly. As a central data hub for measured values, we will continue to focus on the secure communication connection of smart meter gateways.

Variable Tariffs

With our highly automated SaaS solution AEP Energy Supplier for market communication and billing, the cost to serve can be significantly reduced. Even short-term regulatory adjustments (e.g. those at the turn of the year 22/23) can be implemented on time, so that energy suppliers can always act and bill in line with the market. 

Market communication

With the AEP Market Communication, the mandatory adjustment of regulated market communication for electricity was implemented on time as of 01.04.2024.

SAP S/4HANA, BTP, Alternatives

The challenges of the energy transition require new approaches to the operation and support of SAP system landscapes. As powerful cloud-based platforms, SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) support utility companies in the ever-evolving energy market by consistently aligning themselves digitally and remain competitive. In addition, there are a variety of alternatives to the SAP stack, which we at Arvato Systems are also very familiar with.

Enterprise Architecture Management

Our Enterprise Architecture Management supports energy supply companies in developing an IT strategy based on the corporate strategy and the current pain points. Based on the corporate and IT strategy, our IT experts develop a Target image of the IT, survey the status quo of the IT landscape, and develop a transformation plan.

Business & Cloud Transformation

Regarding IT outsourcing, operation, and support of IT systems, Arvato Systems is a reliable partner for utilities: from consulting to migration and implementation to process. And whether SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS - the possibilities for business use of cloud services, in particular, are diverse. They are essential for implementing digital business models with agility, flexibility, and efficiency. And our experts are happy to provide support.

Digital Workplace

Accessible, location-independent, and productive in real-time: With Microsoft Office applications, employees can fully access corporate knowledge and engage in collaborative exchange anywhere and anytime. As a cloud solution provider, Arvato Systems is helping to make this a reality. Our IT experts integrate Microsoft cloud solutions into any utility IT ecosystem - customized and adapted to existing licensing models.

Cyber Security

The IT Security Act 2.0 (IT-Sig 2.0) has been in force since 01.05.2023 and requires operators of critical infrastructures, for example, to take security precautions to detect attacks. Energy providers are not the only ones who can rely on the best security solutions to protect their data and applications in the Arvato Systems data centers. With topics such as IT security, risk management, and compliance, our security services go far beyond the physical protection of IT systems.

ESG Reporting

The Arvato Systems solution green.screen professionalizes environmental reporting and balancing of greenhouse gas emissions within the CSRD reporting obligation and EU taxonomy as a Bafa-listed energy management system (ISO 50001).

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Our modular solution portfolio supports the use of digital potential and strengthens your competitiveness. Concentrate on your core business while we secure your digital foundation with cybersecurity and infrastructure operations. Meet customer and process requirements with business process innovations and lay the foundation for new service and product ideas. Trust us as a partner with industry and IT expertise to confidently meet regulatory requirements in the new energy world.

ESG Reporting
Market communication
Variable Tariffs
Metering Point Operation Act (MsbG) Amendment
Customer management
Data & AI
Process automation
SAP S/4HANA, BTP, Alternatives
Cyber Security
Digital Workplace
Business & Cloud Transformation
Enterprise Architecture Management
Ralf Werner, CIO OGE

As a leading network operator and shaper of the energy transition, we are fully committed to the agile and digital transformation of our IT. Arvato Systems accompanies us on this journey as a strategic partner.

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Current Insights

Arvato Systems intensifies cooperation with rku.it and Schleupen in the smart metering sector

Arvato Systems strengthens its strategic partnerships with rku.it and Schleupen in the smart metering business area.

Arvato Systems and PwC Germany offer complete package for energy efficiency and environmental management

Arvato Systems and PwC Germany have combined their strengths to provide companies in various industries with a comprehensive offering for energy efficiency and environmental management.

Strategic sustainability management with green.screen

The carbon footprint of companies is a puzzle picture. Development, as well as production, IT, administration, sales and logistics - all areas consume energy and resources and thus influence the carbon footprint. With green.screen, the complete solution for energy, asset and environmental management from Arvato Systems, you take this key into your hands.

Digitization for the Energy Transition

Energy suppliers forcing the energy turnaround through Digital Workplaces in the Cloud, four topics are particularly worth highlighting as efficiency boosters.

More Profitability for Basic Metering Operator

Basic metering point operators are required to operate economically. This makes it all the more important to identify and realize potential savings along the process chain. Learn more here.

Worth Knowing

  • Applicability Statement 4 (AS4) is a messaging protocol used for the secure exchange of data and documents between market partners. It is based on web services and uses both digital signatures and encryption to increase the security of the exchanged data. By 01.10.2023, market communication electricity is to be operational via the secure AS4 process for market communication. From 31.03.2024, market communication between sender and recipient for the GPKE, MPES, WiM and MaBiS processes will then take place exclusively using the AS4 message protocol. Until then, electronic market communication must be protected by using the BSI's smart metering PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). 

  • Three letters stand for a lot: ESG. Environment, Social, and Governance - these are the three pillars on which a sustainable company should be built. Anyone who achieves good results in these areas is considered "ESG-compliant." But how is this measured? External organizations rate companies based on a score that reflects the implementation of ESG criteria and a company's performance and risk. Similar to a credit or bond rating. To be ESG compliant in the future, companies must be able to provide accurate and consistent information about their ESG data. And that's where our sustainability management software, green.screen comes in. With our cloud-based IoT environmental data platform, companies can collect, calculate, monitor, and document all energy and resource consumption company-wide. The transparency gained enables optimization and, thus, carbon footprint reduction. And best of all: green.screen can be seamlessly integrated into existing software systems. 

  • Digital transformation presents utilities with a significant challenge: their application landscape, which has evolved over many years. To migrate successfully to the cloud, deciding which path is best for each application is essential. However, a purely technology-based analysis is not sufficient here. Instead, all applications must be considered and evaluated in detail, considering dozens of individual criteria in complexity, value, strategy, and regulations. 

    A proven approach is to analyze the cloud potential of each application in terms of infrastructure, technology, architecture, data, and dependencies. On this basis, an individual recommendation for the appropriate migration procedure will be made. As a result, utilities are supported in successfully bringing their application landscape to the cloud, thus paving the way for a successful digital transformation. 

  • Since May 1, 2023, operators of critical infrastructures - such as electricity and gas network operators - have been explicitly required to implement technical and organizational security measures for attack detection. The systems must be able to detect anomalies at an early stage during operation by means of pattern recognition so that potential serious damage can be averted.  

    IT organizations have different approaches to implementing cyber security. Some rely on pattern recognition at the operational technology level to meet regulatory requirements. This method is sufficient in the network operator's SCADA system, for example. Other vendors, however, recommend the use of a comprehensive Security Information and Event Management tool that serves as a Big Data platform for cyber security.  

  • In the course of the energy transition, electricity generation is increasingly realized by wind and solar energy. However, these technologies are highly dependent on weather conditions and rarely supply constant amounts of electricity like conventional power plants. However, to ensure the security of supply of the energy grid, the same amount of energy must always be available and consumed. If, for example, a lot of energy is fed in due to renewable generation on the one hand, consumption must be adjusted on the other. Energy suppliers must therefore create incentives to control consumption. Usually, this happens via the price. Therefore, flexible tariffs are offered to encourage consumers to use electricity in times of high supply and low price. At the same time, consumption is to be reduced in times of low supply and high price.  

    The basic prerequisite for the introduction of flexible tariffs is the possibility of billing consumption on an hourly basis via intelligent electricity meters, the so-called smart meters. 

  • Modern ERP systems offer the best conditions for utilities to map their business processes optimally. However, investments in digitization need to be carefully considered. In addition to proven products such as SAP S/4 HANA for Utilities, there are other attractive alternatives. With vendor-independent consulting, benefit-oriented methods and transparent criteria can guide you through the ERP selection process.

  • With the Act to Restart the Digitization of the Energy Transition, the German government has sent a clear signal about the accelerated transformation of the energy supply. The law aims to accelerate the rollout of smart metering systems while reducing bureaucratic procedures and strengthening legal certainty. In addition, costs are to be distributed relatively and future-proof to stimulate the market and competition and bundle competencies in a targeted way. The law also intends to regulate an additional contribution to sustainability by better-supporting data on generation, consumption, and grid status and enabling dynamic electricity tariffs.

Partnerships and Associations


As a long-standing Microsoft partner, we cover a broad Microsoft portfolio and support you with consulting, transition, and customized services. From Azure to networked communication solutions and innovative platform services in areas such as big data and artificial intelligence.


We have maintained a close partnership with SAP for many years. Whether SAP Customer Experience (CX) or SAP S/4HANA - with great passion and excellent know-how we help our customers to select, customize and implement the best SAP solution for them.

Amazon Web Services

As an AWS partner, we support you in the modern mapping of enterprise IT workloads in the cloud through the realization of cloud-native digital business models to the implementation of a contemporary DevOps operating model.

Google Cloud

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Arvato Systems offers secure and scalable public cloud solutions for digital business.


As a member of the German Association of Energy Market Service Providers (Bundesverband der Energiemarktdienstleister, BEMD) we can take a position on ongoing decision-making processes vis-à-vis committees, associations and legislators and thus actively help shape the energy transition. 


As a member of the German Association of the Energy and Water Industries (BDEW), we are part of the largest network in the industry and have a strong voice that politicians hear. Through the association, we have direct access to important industry developments.


VDE|FNN creates standards, makes innovative technologies practicable and provides answers to tomorrow's network technology challenges. As a member, we actively participate in the project groups SMGW Functions, Metering Code and GWA System Connection and thus shape the requirements for modern metering point operation. 

PwC Deutschland

Together with our partner, the auditing and consulting firm PwC Germany, we offer companies a comprehensive range of services for energy efficiency and environmental management. 


Since many things in customer service can be done online, the few moments when human interaction in customer service takes place are becoming more and more valuable. Collaborating with our partner Majorel, we offer utilities a unique customer experience across various channels, including email, chat, social media, voice bots, and automation solutions. 


Our partner Riverty offers consumer-friendly payment options and gives utilities the transparency they need to track payment flows from flexible payment products to clever accounting and fair collection. 


LYNQTECH uses our market communication solution AEP Marktkommunikation for its cloud platform and routes all sales-relevant processes of energy supply companies via our Arvato Energy Platform. Together, we thus provide innovative solutions for digital energy suppliers.

Thüga SmartServices GmbH

Arvato Systems provides Thüga Smartservice with comprehensive support in the form of a multi-client SaaS solution for message routing for the electricity and gas divisions. Together, we enable smooth market communication and schedule management for energy suppliers via e-mail, AS2 and AS4. We also manage and maintain the necessary certificates, implement an end-to-end monitoring system to monitor data flows and detect content errors, and provide an audit-proof archiving system to keep all relevant information safe. Our solutions ensure efficient and reliable handling of energy-related business processes.


Through our partnership with the consultancy Hochfrequenz, we are pooling our experience in market communications for the German energy industry. Our customers benefit from complementary industry expertise. 


Rely on us: information security, quality management, IT service management. For our customers, we regularly have our performance measured and extensively certified. You benefit in the long term from our adherence to the highest quality standards and our technological expertise in the form of a trusting and highly professional collaboration.

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