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Amazon Connect for Arvato Supply Chain Solutions Loyalty

Cloud-based contact center for modern customer engagement businesses

Amazon Connect - improved customer experience through a cloud-based contact center


With Amazon Connect, our customer Arvato Supply Chain Solutions Loyalty uses a highly flexible, scalable, and user-friendly contact center. Amazon Connect is easy to implement and straightforward to manage for call center managers and agents. It is completely cloud-based and does not require a telephone system - AWS provides the entire technical infrastructure. This enables excellent customer service at low costs.


Use of innovative and purely cloud-based telephony
Significant increase of support quality and responsiveness of your company
Reduced costs for personnel, IT and telecommunications
Implement new call flows in minutes

The Project at a Glance

Initial Situation

Technical innovations are often associated with quality improvements and cost reductions. Solutions no longer have to be operated locally as individual solutions – cloud services enable the use of corporate applications anytime and anywhere. They are highly available, standardized, cost-optimized, and implemented within days. The telephony infrastructure of a service center at the customer Arvato Supply Chain Solutions Loyalty was to be replaced within six weeks.


The service center of the future was to be implemented as a cloud-based standard application Amazon Connect - innovative, modern, reliable, and cost-optimized. Customer solutions should be clarified quickly during the initial call, and customer satisfaction should increase significantly. Call flows should be dynamically adaptable, and employees should be able to be assigned to service lines online.


For Arvato Supply Chain Solutions Loyalty, an innovative and purely cloud-based solution, was developed quickly based on individual requirements such as service lines, call flows and employee skills. Instead of investing in hardware or software, the on-demand solution only charges for the minutes spoken and services used. This significantly reduces the costs of the existing contact center solution. By using an already existing framework, the solution could be put into operation within a short time. Adaptations and changes are now implemented in minutes and immediately available productively.



Thanks to the integrated use of text-to-speech technology, there is no longer any need to record, input, and test announcement texts - the output text is simply edited, the voice is selected, and the new voice announcement is immediately available.


Using existing Speach-to-Text technology, as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning, conversations are converted to text online and scanned - appropriate solutions to the customer's concern are displayed in real-time.

Automatic scaling

Sales and marketing campaigns can now be planned and executed without technical restrictions. Amazon Connect recognizes the call volume and scales up automatically.

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