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Order Management with aroma®

Omnichannel means omni-convenience -

Inspire customers, maximise margins

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Implement Omnichannel Processes Efficiently and Economically

Consumer shopping behavior has changed: Customers expect a consistent shopping experience across all channels. While customers' demands are rising, the economic pressure on companies is increasing at the same time.

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Efficient Omnichannel Processes in Retailing

How does this work with our Order Management System? We show you by using the example of a fictitious company.

To deliver compelling customer service across all touchpoints and make money simultaneously, companies need to handle all omnichannel processes highly efficiently and optimize them from a business perspective. Therefore, a consistent, cross-channel shopping experience for your customers requires the dovetailing of all systems. The challenge is usually to link long-established classic store processes with parallel e-commerce systems and numerous new processes and systems.

The Benefits of aroma®

Inspire customers seamlessly

Manage economically successful

Simplified IT architecture

Customers expect comprehensive services, such as the option of being able to pick up, pay for or return items purchased online in stores.

We have developed aroma® to enable this outstanding service. This is ensured by extensive basic functions and expansion modules such as the Service Center Module and the In-Store Module for all omnichannel store processes including ship-from-store with functions such as:

  • Click & collect
  • Online reservation of stocks in stores
  • Pick-in-Store and Ship-from-Store
  • Endless Aisle: Take orders in the store for articles that are currently not in the area
  • Connection of cash register systems and management of financial processes
  • Customer Service Module for perfect customer service
  • Managing prices and campaigns

Additional explanations and definitions on the topic of omnichannel can be found here.

Arvato Systems has supported retailers in numerous countries with regard to omnichannel processes. These decades of experience have gone into the aroma® order management system - so that you too can easily inspire your customers.

More about customer service

Shareholders expect sustainable growth and returns. To achieve this, omnichannel processes must also be highly automated and optimized. Benefit from our experience and the latest version of the order management system aroma® with numerous functions that have been tested in practice and which specifically save money, such as

  • Risk and fraud checks of incoming orders
  • Identification of the optimal place of delivery of articles independent of the order location according to criteria such as inventory, capacity, costs, time or customer status
  • Control of the accompanying financial processes
  • Efficient mapping of all required omnichannel store processes (such as ship-from-store)
  • Comprehensive reporting with alerts and hints for next best actions
  • Comprehensive control and configuration options, including the option to launch new countries quickly and to efficiently target business partners from the logistics, transport, customer care or finance sectors.

Modern trade is an art. The cost-efficient mapping of processes is an essential part of it. aroma® makes a central contribution to the efficient mapping of all omnichannel processes and thus improves the bottom line of retailers.

More about economic efficiency

For many companies it is a matter of course that an e-shop system is needed if they want to implement e-commerce. But this assumption, which sounds so obvious, is wrong. Those who have a powerful order management system such as aroma® and other common expert systems can (but of course do not have to) confidently do without an e-shop system within the framework of the usual e-commerce IT architecture. Talk to us to find out how you can simplify your IT and save on an e-shop system.

More about IT architecture

The Most Important Functions of aroma®


Distributed Order Management

Manage your omnichannel processes, inventory & fulfillment in the central business logic where all inventory, delivery locations, items, orders and customers are held.



Realize flexible assortment expansion through dropshippers in up to 24h.


Customer Service

Give your service team the perfect control center, even for requests such as replacement deliveries or the allocation of bonus points.



Offer your store employees an efficient and intuitive tool: from Click & Collect and in-store payment processes to Pick-in-Store and Ship-from-Store.

aroma® Shopping Cart

Cart Handling

Improve your Customer Experience across all channels with Headless Commerce and aroma® API's for Shopping Cart, Wishlist and Checkout.


Prices & Promotions

Manage prices and promotions centrally for all channels and keep the perfect overview, also to pay out the right amounts in case of partial returns.



Make yourself independent of service providers and increase your flexibility with reduced costs.

More about administration


Reporting & Alerts

Detect anomalies early so challenges can be proactively managed.

More about Reporting & Alerts

Deep Dive

Whitepaper: Headless Commerce for Retail

For stronger customer loyalty: Headless commerce offers new approaches to mastering the complexity of omnichannel commerce and deploying high-performance services.

Guide: Omnichannel IT Architecture

Benefit from the opportunities of digitization by making your IT architecture fit for the future.

Whitepaper: Omnichannel Order Management

These best practices help retailers overcome their Omnichannel Order Management challenges.

Whitepaper: Omnichannel means Omni-Convenience

Want to be where your customer is? Optimize your omnichannel strategy now and increase your customer satisfaction.

Demo: Take a look at aroma®

Our free demo gives you exclusive insights into the look and feel of our Order Management System.

Omnichannel: Terms & Definitions

Which are the different channels? What does resilience mean in retail? Which concepts are described by terms such as Click and Collect, BOPIL, ROPIS or Endless Aisle?

Consulting: Omnichannel Quick Check

Our Arvato Systems Omnichannel experts help you realize the full potential of your Omnichannel strategy.

Benefit From Our Experience

> 15
years in the Omni-Channel
> 50
customers in the area of order management
> 25
billion euros Omni-Channel order value processed
> 150
> 10,000
branches served
> 250.000
orders per day realizable

aroma® insights

How does aroma® actually work? With our free demo you get exclusive insights into our order management system.

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