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White Paper: Omnichannel Order Management

Customers today use all available channels - an Omnichannel Order Management System enables intelligent networking

Digitization in retail & B2B trade: Order management is a fundamental part of any omnichannel strategy

White Paper Omnichannel Order Management with aroma

For many companies, the "digitalization project" means integrating parallel e-commerce systems and numerous new processes into long-established, traditional branch processes. Retail and B2B commerce need to integrate online and offline businesses in a way that ensures high customer satisfaction, increasing sales / contribution margin and low operational costs.

Additional requirements of the digital transformation in retail - for example, through drop shipment or services such as "click and collect" and "ship-from-store" - do not make the task any easier to solve. How can this retail challenge be met in the future in a sustainable, scalable, and cost-efficient manner?

What initially looks like squaring the circle can be elegantly solved in practice: Find out in this whitepaper which best practices retailers can use to master this challenge – and why an Omnichannel Order Management System, or OMS for short, plays a central role in commerce and e-commerce.

White Paper Topics

Typical customer requirements in retail
Typical IT challenges
The culture question: Active change management
Solving the IT challenge
Use of an Omnichannel Order Management System (OMS)
The alternative to an OMS
Omnichannel Solutions: Help in times of pandemic
How long does it take to implement an OMS?

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White paper: Omnichannel Order Management

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Omnichannel: Terms & Definitions

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Consulting: Omnichannel Quick Check

Our Arvato Systems Omnichannel experts help you realize the full potential of your Omnichannel strategy.

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