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Warehouse Management System

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Goods Flow Management


The Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the “heart and brain” of a warehouse. All logistics processes – inside and outside the warehouse – converge here. You may therefore find yourself in one of the following three situations:

  • Until now, you have not needed your own WMS, either because it was too expensive or because the ERP covers all necessary features.
  • You have an old WMS and would like to move to a new one to meet the latest client requirements.

Whichever situation you are in, platbricks WMS is the right solution for you. The warehouse management system you choose is not just an investment for you, but also a long-term partnership.

Flexibly positioned for the future

The platbricks Warehouse Management System (WMS) is 100% forward looking, meaning it will always be able to control manual, automated, and highly networked warehouses. Different systems can be integrated into the platbricks WMS independent of the manufacturer. The software is compatible with IoT and is ready for mobile use.

Encourage mobile working

The platbricks Mobile Solutions module is integrated into the platbricks WMS module. This means that you get a WMS with intuitive apps for all relevant warehouse processes. platbricks WMS significantly improves your process efficiency. As the process apps are independent of manufacturer and device, you can always decide which device is best suited for which process. In this way, you can make every warehouse process as efficient as possible.

Practical user interface

One of the advantages of a dedicated warehouse management system is that it guides employees optimally through the process apps. platbricks WMS offers clear and simple user interfaces to avoid errors in the process. 

Dashboard with forward-looking analysis functions

platbricks WMS Dashboard offers you two different analysis functions. Basic Analytics provides you with key performance indicators for all logistics processes in your warehouse transparently and in real time. By using the platbricks Analytics add-on, platbricks WMS becomes your strategic warehouse optimizer. In addition to Basic Analytics, Near-Time allows you to optimize the distance travelled, perform product analyses, accurately forecast demand, and respond to tomorrow’s challenges, today.

Cloud solution and client-oriented support

Platbricks WMS is a modern WMS with a modular design that grows with your logistics requirements. By using the Private Business Cloud from Microsoft Azure, you benefit from the highly available networks of our technology partner. This means you can enjoy the flexibility, scalability, fast response times, and low IT costs of the cloud.

platbricks Demo DE
Our Platbricks WMS Is Also Available as a Demo

Please get to know the platbricks Warehouse Management System in practice and try out our free demo system module.


With platbricks WMS, the flow of goods within a warehouse from goods receipt to goods issue is managed, optimized, and executed with smart wearables - independent of manufacturer and hardware.

The essential components are:

  • Control center
  • Basic Analytics
  • Order Manager
  • Resource Manager
  • Warehouse structures
  • Inventory management
  • Internal transport management
  • Goods receipt
  • Goods issue
  • Master data management

You can find these processes as apps in the platbricks App Store:


platbricks WMS Benefits

Mobile processes are included in the module
Usage-based billing model
Sustainable architecture for growing business
Full transparency of all processes, orders, movements, and inventories
Fully cloud-based

Deep Dive

Demo System: platbricks® Warehouse Management

Get to know the cloud-based platbricks® Warehouse Management in practice and try out the module over a period of 14 days in our free demo system. 

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