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Systematical Transport Management

Ideal freight management for shippers and logistics service providers

Systematical Transport Management

Transport management solutions in SAP number among our specialties. We offer you comprehensive process expertise in the field of transport and logistics and we know how best to map these transport processes in SAP systems. Our experience with hundreds of projects has led to the development of numerous expansions of the SAP standard in the areas of order management, transport scheduling and planning, conditioning, and invoicing. These templates make implementation faster, easier, and more secure.

SAP Transportation Management™

For a long time, transport organization was the sole domain of specialized custom solutions. SAP TM is a comprehensive transport management system which is fully integrated in the SAP ERP system, thereby providing for seamless integration with logistics service providers and customers, for example.

From theory to practice

We offer you a prototyping phase before the project is launched in order to provide you with a practical evaluation of our solutions and services. This means that you can use the system to directly assess what benefits our solutions present for your processes.

Achieve Your Goals Quickly and Precisely with Us:


Our project teams consist of SAP TM experts and transport process consultants

Full Service

We offer you all services from a single source: planning, implementation, operation, and application support 


Quick and easy introduction with preconfigured processes and scenarios (RDS)

Change Management

Years of experience in change management and successful roll-out of SAP transport processes


Many preconfigured and optimized templates dramatically shorten project cycles


We have an extensive network of partners with industry experts

Our Services

Projects from A to Z


Analysis, Consulting, Implementation, Operation

We support you on the way to optimized transport management. We use a wide range of preconfigured templates and proprietary modules to ensure quick and easy implementation: Integrate your logistics, transport, accounting, and controlling processes in one solution without disruptions to your system or media. Naturally, we would be happy to help you operate the solution with hosting services and application and user consultation.

Transportation Management

SAP Transportation Management (TM) is the perfect solution for international logistics service providers and shippers. SAP TM is a comprehensive transport management system based on a standardized supply chain management platform (SCEP) complete with functions such as order and freight management.

  • Scheduling
  • Transport planning and execution with a built-in optimization engine
  • Invoicing
  • Transport cost management
  • Event management monitor for actively monitoring planned/unplanned events, plus automatic workflow contro

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Free Logistics Check-up

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Siegbert Strauch
Expert for SAP Logistics Solutions
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