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The Self-Service Solution for Customer Data

Omnichannel opportunities present a unique challenge: Bringing together customer data from all sources and channels, effective data protection and practical consent management are the foundation of your customers' trust.

With the SAP Customer Data Cloud, you can improve the customer experience in marketing, commerce, sales and service: the module connects online and offline data so that you understand your customers better - and customers know their data is in good hands at all times.

9 Good Reasons for SAP Customer Data Cloud

The holistic ...

  • COMPLETE - record consents and preferences across the organisation.
  • ACRIBICAL - document processes in an audit-proof manner.
  • PRAGMATIC - customers can view & change their data and preferences at any time via the Self-Service Centre.

pragmatic ...

  • SEEMLESS - central login in social media and on own platforms.
  • SECURE - unique and secure identification of customers via modern standard procedures.
  • UNIFIED - a central login system that works dynamically and bidirectionally with all your systems.

Customer Data Solution from SAP.

  • ACCOUNTABLE - enables legally compliant, seamless data storage.
  • TRANSPARENT - confidential handling of data is the basis for strengthening customer trust and reducing compliance risks.
  • IMPORTANT - the correct use of customer data improves customer loyalty and customer retention.

FAQ: SAP Customer Data Cloud

  • The SAP Customer Data Cloud is a module of the SAP Customer Experience Suite. The CIAM solution (Customer Identity Access Management) manages customer identities centrally and in compliance with the law, which are composed of a wide range of customer data. Functionally, the SAP Customer Data Cloud consists of the blocks Identity Management (registration & login handling), Consent Management (opt-in, consent and preference handling) and Profile Management (transformation and consolidation of customer data).

    • Customer-centric approach to global data protection
    • Customer registration and preference management as self-service
    • Social Login + Single Sign On procedure for all services offered
    • Central, legally compliant consent management, e.g. according to DSGVO and CCPA
  • SAP Customer Data Cloud is part of the SAP Customer Experience Suite. With an increasing number of channels, services and relevant data protection laws, the system ensures legally compliant identity and consent management for every company. The system achieves maximum performance in interaction with the SAP Commerce Cloud and ensures the confidential - yet pragmatic - handling of customer login and preference data.

Our Services for Your Success

Consulting, implementation and operation – all from a single source.

We provide consultation and work with you to define your process requirements and the desired functions. We draw your attention to opportunities to increase efficiency and optimize costs. We use this framework to design a solution for you and to help you select the ideal standard software.

Our experienced project managers handle implementation, configuration of standard software, and integration in your existing IT systems. Last but not least, we support your IT department with data migration and train your users. Naturally, we also provide you with the necessary product licenses. If needed, we offer you the right IT infrastructure for your business and handle system operation, including maintenance, application management, and further development.

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