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AWS Cloud Migration

Professional cloud migration with Amazon Web Services

Step by Step Successfully into the AWS Cloud
Your Benefits from Migrating to the AWS Cloud
Migration Models
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Many Roads Lead Into the Cloud

We will take you onto the right one!

In an age of rapid technological change, the flexibility and innovative power of the cloud is crucial for securing the future of companies and maintaining competitive advantages.

Companies migrating their on prem IT components to the cloud can reap the benefits of the cloud: lower costs, higher speed and optimized processes ensure that companies can concentrate on the innovative design of their core business.

However, many companies are asking themselves how they can manage a migration quickly and with low risk.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner we support our customers in migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS). From the roadmap to the implementation, we are competently at your side in your migration project.

Your Benefits from Migrating to the AWS Cloud

Significantly less administrative effort for on-site infrastructure  
No investment costs in hardware and software
Faster market introduction
Improved employee productivity 
More transparency in operating costs 
Increase in operational agility

Step by Step Successfully into the AWS Cloud

We plan and structure migration projects in three phases:

Discover & Align

Plan & Enable

Migrate & Operate

Discover & Align

Together with you and other stakeholders of your company, we analyse the readiness of your company to migrate. In doing so, we consider aspects such as business model & business structure, culture & employees, governance, platform, security and operations in accordance with the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework.

The result of this assessment is an evaluation report of your readiness to migrate with any gaps identified, recommendations for action and a statement of work for the implementation of the next step.

Plan & Enable

In the next step, we validate the basic migration capability and the underlying business case and start planning for the first/next migration project. The following points are considered in this stage: 

  • Migration planning with role and responsibility assignment (RACI)
  • Portfolio determination and analysis
  • Evaluation and design of the operating model
  • Design of the landing zone and initial implementation
  • Specification for safety and compliance
  • Implementation of the migration pilot project
  • Establishment of the migration team/organisation
  • Training plan and training activities
  • Business case validation by means of TCO analysis

After completion of the planning steps, we will guide you reliably through the migration project, taking over the following sub-projects in whole or in part as required: 

  • Design: migration pattern, application architecture, operation, cutover plan and process, reusable templates, migration tooling and validation test plan
  • Migration: servers, databases, data, infrastructure services, followed by a basic validation test
  • Integration: connectivity, application interfaces, operation (backup/restore, ...)
  • Validation: functionality, performance, reliability, security, compliance
  • Cutover: Discussion of the rollback plan

After completion of the migration project, we are at your side with a broad portfolio of services to ensure reliable operation and perma-nent optimization. This includes:

  • Cost optimization (e.g. right-sizing services, resource reservation, use of spot instances, monitoring and analysis of service usage and costs) 
  • Application optimization (for example, performance, functional, design) 
  • Process optimization (e.g. automation of development processes) 
  • Operational optimization (e.g. operations support systems, infrastructure as code)

AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP)

Customers who choose to migrate their IT systems to AWS can benefit from attractive financial incentives from AWS through the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP). This includes, for example, funding during the migration project and additional credit funds after go-live.

As an AWS Migration Competency Owner, we are experienced in dealing with the AWS MAP and can tell you at an early stage whether your migration project is eligible for funding, which financial incentives you can benefit from and how. In the joint migration project, we manage all formalities for you directly with AWS!

Migration Models

As part of the planning process, we evaluate with you which migration scenarios make the most sense for you and your existing IT landscape and applications. We can already draw on experience from other migration projects, from rehosting to full rebuild.


1:1 transfer to the AWS cloud, can be automated by migration tools. This approach is considered an effective way to reduce high on-premise costs in the short term. No further cloud optimizations are achieved.


Applications are adapted for the PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) layer of AWS. Re-encryption is accepted to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud.


Move to a new application version or another solution, changing the existing license model (e.g. SaaS)


A legacy application is extended and adapted by using cloud-native services. In this way, newer functions can be added and better scaling and performance can be achieved.


An application is completely redeveloped in the cloud. It is redesigned with cloud-native frameworks and features to maximize the benefits of the cloud.

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Arvato Systems – Your Partner for AWS Cloud Migration


Arvato Systems leverages the necessary AWS tools, expertise, and frameworks to help you migrate and succeed in the cloud while providing full transparency and control. Leave your cloud migration to the AWS experts at Arvato Systems. With our many years of experience in the migration environment, we know the challenges and pitfalls of cloud migration and can carefully avoid them.

We make sure that you get access to the innovative services of AWS, while you can concentrate on your core business.

Amazon Web Services - The Promising Home for Your IT


With more than 140 services to support all types of cloud workloads, companies migrate quickly and securely to the cloud. The continuous development of AWS tools and services is driven by customer feedback. As a result, AWS is able to deliver continually improved functionality to businesses.


You have chosen an AWS Cloud solution?

We support you with the migration. Contact us and learn more about our AWS Migration Services.

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Your Contact for Amazon Web Services

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Frequently Asked Questions About AWS Cloud Migration

  • AWS Cloud Migration is a service that helps enterprises migrate their data and applications from on-premises environments to the AWS Cloud. By migrating to the AWS Cloud, enterprises can benefit from the scalability, flexibility, and cost savings of the cloud. With the AWS Cloud Migration service by Arvato Systems, enterprises can be confident that their data and applications will be migrated safely and securely.

  • Migration to the cloud requires careful planning and execution. First, the applications and data to be migrated must be identified. Then, the appropriate AWS services must be selected to ensure optimal performance and scalability. The migration itself then takes place in several steps, starting with a test migration and ending with the transfer of the production system.

  • Arvato Systems offers comprehensive support for AWS cloud migration. Our experts have many years of experience in migrating complex applications and data to the cloud. We provide a comprehensive analysis of the existing infrastructure and applications to develop the optimal migration plan. In addition, we offer support in selecting the appropriate AWS services and performing the migration itself.