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Customised E-Commerce - Whenever/Wherever/However Your Customers Want.

An omnichannel strategy is a must for retailers today. Offer your customers the best digital shopping experience - at any time and on any channel.

SAP Commerce Cloud is the optimal solution for this. Flexible and expandable, the e-commerce module of the SAP Customer Experience Suite provides you with a commerce platform that meets all omnichannel requirements - today and in the future. 

Our many years of retail and industry expertise enable us to build the perfect e-commerce solution for your business.  With SAP Commerce Cloud as a central platform, we help you bring together all the important systems, data and processes. Offer your customers a customised shopping experience - anytime, anywhere, through any channel.

9 Good Reasons for the SAP Commerce Cloud

The flexible ...

  • EXPANDABLE - enhance the customer experience with chatbots, messenger services, web apps or IoT devices.
  • FLEXIBLE - experiment quickly and easily with touchpoints, new processes or technologies, regardless of the limitations of your backend systems
  • CONNECTING - simplify and accelerate collaboration with technology and creative partners through the use of an openly accessible platform.

cross-channel ...

  • INTEGRATIVE - create customised buying experiences for your customers, regardless of the channel or device they use.
  • INTUITIVE - simplify and accelerate the buying process with intuitive mobile browsing and features such as single-click purchasing.
  • IMMERSIVE - offer mobile customers direct contact with additional added values such as direct notifications or location-based services

e-commerce solution from SAP.

  • TARGET ORIENTED - increase your conversion rates: By centrally managing product information, you present each customer with the right products at the right time.
  • TAILOR-MADE - design and manage personalised shopping experiences for a customised customer experience, based on machine learning capabilities and real-time analytics.
  • COMPREHENSIVE - provide your customers with a compelling omnichannel order experience that allows for on-demand orders and returns anytime, anywhere.

FAQ: SAP Commerce Cloud

  • SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris Commerce) is a modern e-commerce platform. The solution offers cross-channel classic shop functions, real-time personalisation, integrated product content management (PCM) and a convenient editor for maintaining the system. SAP Commerce Cloud is part of the SAP Customer Experience Suite with further modules for marketing, sales, services and the legally compliant management of customer data.

    • Improve conversion rates and sales through personalised offers in real time

    • Channel-independent centralised omnichannel e-commerce platform

    • Internationally scalable through management of language variants, currencies, localised taxes and payment services

    • Easy expansion through further modules of the SAP Customer Experience Suite

    • Highest data quality through a central system for Product Content Management (PCM) and Web Content Management (WCM)

    • Numerous ready-to-use industry templates (accelerators) allow the quickest possible implementation

    • Powerful search functions
    • Flexible handling of promotions
    • "Plug-and-play" integration, e.g. scalable shopping cart and purchase experiences with one management for different payment services and tax considerations
    • Real-time analytics for the entire online buying process
      Personalisation for the next click
    • Ongoing conversion optimisation through machine learning functions
    • Customer journey optimisation through various testing methods
    • Highest data quality through central administration and validation of product information
    • Convenient data management through intuitive and user-friendly administration console
    • Easy maintenance of multilingual catalogues
    • Convenient order processing for your customers, who can initiate orders and returns at any time
    • Returns handling via self-service
    • Constant transparency of stock levels for your customers
    • Logistics optimisation through procurement and allocation rules for warehouses and/or physical shops

    (Selection of function highlights)

  • SAP Commerce Cloud covers all e-commerce needs, from personalisable online shops to payment and complex logistics processes. (Industry) templates called "Accelerators" ensure a quick start, and the platform can be used in B2C and B2B scenarios.

    The solution plays to its strengths especially in complex environments (internationalisation, large brand/product diversity). Any back-end system can be integrated via standardised interfaces - especially with other SAP solutions, this results in enormous synergy effects. SAP Commerce Cloud is a scalable and future-proof system infrastructure for omnichannel commerce.

B2B vs. B2C: Opportunities through Added Value

B2B E-Commerce: Value-Added Services

B2C E-Commerce: Challenges & Opportunities

Increasing digitalisation makes markets more transparent - comparing products and manufacturers easier. The optimisation of B2B business processes in e-commerce increases the competitiveness of manufacturers and creates new approaches to customer loyalty.

The digital availability of product data and order information enables the development of new services, for example in logistics, in payment processing, in consulting as well as in the use of products.

The ideal solution

The ideal solution is a combination of a B2B online shop based on the SAP Commerce Cloud and an optimised e-commerce organisation. The B2B shop is linked to existing in-house systems and the organisational structures and processes are adapted. Simple integration and flexible configuration are core factors for the successful introduction of a B2B e-commerce solution that allows manufacturers and wholesalers to further optimise their ordering processes.

Availability creates opportunities

The immediate availability of product data, customer data and order information in the B2B online shop can open up new services and at the same time create a lock-in effect with customers. Examples of new services:

  • Customer-specific prices and stocks
  • Product configurators
  • Automated re-orders
  • Individualised shipping and delivery logistics
  • real-time stock and delivery information
  • Invoice overviews and order history
  • Electronic invoices
  • Complaint tracking
  • Rental and financing models
  • Budget and controlling tools
  • Self-service warehouse with consumables on site

In addition, customers can quickly and directly access current product data, availability and ordering information via intelligent search and navigation functions and thus optimise their ordering processes.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) in online retailing are goods that can be turned over quickly, such as hygiene products, cosmetics, tobacco products or food. One of the major challenges in the sale of FMCG is interchangeability - retailers as well as manufacturers can distinguish themselves here through added values and achieve stronger customer loyalty through a marketing strategy tailored to the target group.

Key factors for permanently satisfied customers are a high service quality of the online shop, short shipping times, a shop page with high usability as well as short loading times to key elements.

Next Day Delivery and Same Day Delivery

Both options are becoming increasingly important for B2C e-commerce solutions: today's customers are used to getting the goods they want at short notice. To make this possible, we implement future-proof payment processes and logistics concepts for our customers that are seamlessly linked to the web shop.

Internationalisation & country rollouts

Online platforms are often initially optimised for sales in one country. The expansion to further countries and language versions is optimally supported by SAP Commerce Cloud: You can focus entirely on localisation - content, legal issues and locally different processes and payment methods. Synergies from central data storage and development open up scaling effects and additionally increase the economic efficiency of the system.

Our Services for Your Success

Design, consulting and implementation - all from a single source.

We advise you and define the requirements for processes and desired functionalities with you. In doing so, we identify potential for higher efficiency and cost optimisation. According to the framework conditions, we develop the solution design and advise you on the selection of the ideal standard software.

With experienced project managers, we take care of the implementation, the configuration of the standard software and the integration into your existing IT systems. As if that were not enough, we support your IT department with data migration and train your users, and of course we provide you with product licences. 

If required, we offer you the appropriate IT infrastructure and take over its operation - including maintenance, application management and further development.

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