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Create Successful Sales Channels. Maximize Customer Loyalty. 

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For companies in the retail and consumer goods industries, lasting success and new growth depend on their ability to meet the diverse and complex demands of their market environment. Markets are more transparent, customers better informed than ever. At the same time, customer loyalty is declining with the global availability of many goods. Many companies therefore find it difficult to convince customers of their own services and products. This is no easy task, but with the right solutions, shopping can become an experience that is as simple and innovative as possible. 

Access to Information From Anywhere and at Any Time​

Your Challenge

Some companies are responding to customer expectations, new regulatory requirements, fluctuating raw material availability, high price pressure, and the breakneck speed of digital transformation with more resources for the sales department, but they are not fixing an important problem: How do their own company and its products differentiate themselves from the competition? 

The Vision

Only those who have a clear answer to this question and excellent customer service can win over critical and well-informed customers and retain them in the long term. To win here, you need precise knowledge of the market and the competition as well as in-depth insights into your customers and their needs. Customers want uncomplicated processes. 

Our Solution

That's why you need a flexible solution that supports your processes, grows with you, and helps you focus on your core business. With digital support, powerful and scalable customer management systems, and intuitive purchasing platforms, you can make your sales processes efficient and capitalize on your sales opportunities. 

Benefits for You as a Retailer or Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Transparency across all channels

Keep an eye on customer, purchasing, and product data as well as customer behavior and align your sales strategies accordingly. 

Connected, well-Integrated processes

Thanks to transparent processes, you can focus on your sales channels and the user-friendliness of your customer touchpoints. 

Precisely tailored and flexibly adaptable target group approach

With knowledge of your customers' shopping behavior, you can quickly and flexibly adapt your sales channels, such as apps, web stores, catalogs, and portals. 

Cost reduction online and offline

Automated order processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) additionally accelerate your processes and thus reduce costs. 

Industry-specific solution architecture that grows with you

Benefit from our strategic partnerships whose solutions can be individually tailored to the retail or consumer goods industry. 

Expand your business through strong customer loyalty

Learn from the purchasing behavior of your customers and tap into new sales opportunities in after-sales. 


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Our Services for Your Success

  • The optimization of digital touchpoints is indispensable for retailers and consumer goods manufacturers, because it is the only way to turn customers into loyal brand ambassadors. Wherever you are with your customer experience, we support you in the planning, conception and implementation of consistent brand experiences along your customer journey whether in app development or in matters of user experience or user interface design. 


  • Maintaining customer relationships and binding them to your own brand is not easy - especially in such a competitive market as the retail and consumer goods industry. With us, you will find CRM systems tailored specifically to your needs. Our integrated Microsoft Dynamics and SAP CX solutions give you the scope to define your individual requirements, implement projects and, if necessary, integrate third-party solutions, and subsequently operate and support your applications. 

  • An effective Content Management System (CMS) is essential for retail companies and consumer goods manufacturers to easily capture content, manage it efficiently and prepare it according to their needs. Together with our technology partners, we develop customized content strategies and website concepts for you that even enable you to combine content from various sources in a central hub and publish it on websites, portals, online stores, apps, and social media channels. 

  • Based on our extensive experience and industry expertise from the retail and consumer goods manufacturing sectors, we recommend: Rely on transparent product master data. We support you in the design, selection, implementation, introduction and ongoing operation of your PIM system. This way you can optimally present and market your products, generate more sales via your online store and achieve greater customer satisfaction. 

  • It is important to generate and play out relevant content with the solutions mentioned above. In doing so, you should also make sure that your channels are optimally interlocked with each other and that the communication of online and offline processes in your store works seamlessly. Our Omnichannel solution aroma® offers flexible services that combine E-Commerce, Order Management, Fulfillment and Payment processes as needed and across channels. 

  • Post-purchase is pre-purchase - Inspire your customers with individual offers and address them personally. We support you in setting up and operating your customized customer loyalty programs, which enable you to better understand your customers' behavior and use it for your marketing purposes. 


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