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Arvato Systems Reliably Defends Against DDos Attacks

Increasing our own safety also benefits our customers

Arvato Systems Relies on Link11 Cloud Security and Equinix Platform to Defend Against DDos Attacks

To increase our own resilience to DDoS attacks, we have created a redundant network and security infrastructure with the support of Link 11 and Equinix. This also provides our customers with even better protection against system failures.

Benefits for Us and Our Customers

Elimination of system downtime
Scalable Internet bandwidth capacity
Increase network and system resilience
Increase availability of business applications
Avoid business interruptions and lost revenue
More automation, visibility and control
Prevent collateral damage to other infrastructure in the event of a DDos attack

The solutions from Link11 and Equinix offer us the greatest possible protection against DDoS attacks. This also enables us to avoid business and system outages at our customers. We also benefit from the powerful, reliable and cost-effective interconnection of multiple service providers.

Arvato Systems
Initial Situation

As an IT system integrator and security expert, we are keen to protect ourselves as best we can against cyber attacks. Due to the increasing number and complexity of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, we were challenged not only to increase the protection of our network, but also to adapt our security architecture accordingly.


Together with our partners Link11 and Equinix, our goal was to develop a customized, AI-based solution that would ensure that only "clean" traffic enters our networks. We also wanted to offer our customers optimal protection against DDoS attacks in the cloud, so that DDoS-related system failures are a thing of the past for them as well.


We keep our IT infrastructure in an Equinix IBX data center. To respond to security threats, we rely on the Link11 Cloud Security Platform running on the Equinix platform. Thanks to Link11's automated, cloud-native security solutions, our IT infrastructure is better protected against cyber attacks: We fend off attack attempts within seconds.

Numbers, Data, Facts

DDoS attacks blocked

As a result, the number of calls to customer service has dropped by 90%.

Bandwidth capacity doubled

The transfer speed for routing Internet traffic to Link11 has increased from 20 Gbps to 40 Gbps.

System and network capacities freed up

Critical systems and network resources are available again thanks to traffic relief of up to 70%.

Degree of automation increased and cloud access simplified

Interconnection automation ensures that cloud connections are ready up to 70% faster.

Our Partners: Link11 and Equinix

Link11 is the leading European IT provider in the field of cyber resilience for automated defense against DDoS attacks and securing network traffic. With its fully automated, AI-based filtering algorithms, the cloud security platform provides comprehensive protection against DDoS and other cyber attacks in real time.

Equinix is the global digital infrastructure company. Equinix's trusted platform allows digital enterprises to bring their infrastructures together and interconnect them. It is the foundation for their success.

Our Security Services at a glance

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