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Microsoft Azure Migration Starter Packages

Easily and quickly migrate your servers, application, and workloads to Azure Cloud.

The end of life of your IT components is far from over. Take advantage of upcoming release changes and start with the Arvato Systems Azure Migration Starter Packages in the cloud.

Transitioning your applications and IT landscapes to the cloud helps you save IT costs and operate your applications and processes with increasing efficiency. 

Get off to the best possible start in the cloud with these four steps

Cloud Journey Envisioning

Landscape Assessment

Pilot Migration

Automation & Operation

Cloud Journey Envisioning

Use cloud to generate added value for your business - not as another data center.

1.5h consulting workshop (online/ on-site)

  • Opportunities of the release change
  • Benefits of the Cloud
  • Success factors of your cloud transformation


  • Know-how on cloud technologies and their benefits, DevOps and the cloud operating model
  • A foundation for future-oriented IT decisions

Landscape Assessment

We analyze your systems holistically using proven tools and methods in the context of your individual transformation process.

One-week assessment (online/on-site)

  • Infrastructure and applications
  • And impact on users and stakeholders


  • Holistic action plan (migration runbook)
  • Migration in plannable steps and different time horizons
  • Estimateable costs
  • Minimized risk of operational disruptions and downtime due to detailed schedule

Pilot Migration

We implement initial, identified migration steps for you in a proof of concept. 

Proof of Concept

  • Joint sprints of development, operations, and your IT according to DevOps principles
  • Security and compliance compliant


  • Fast result
  • Functionality, compatibility and performance of migrated components proven
  • Modernization of your applications already possible through the use of Azure platform technologies and managed services

Automation & Operation

Benefit from automation and 24/7 operations of servers after migration of your workloads. 

24/7 operations according to SLAs

  • Monitoring and event management of Azure services
  • Automated provisioning of IT landscapes incl. managed services


  • 24/7 operations and support through the Arvato Service Desk
  • Optimized operations through our Arvato Systems Managed Services
  • Increased speed and agility in IT management Based on best practices (IaaS code, CI/CD)
  • Cost transparency

Benefit from the advantages of migrating to the Microsoft Azure Cloud with Arvato Systems

Arvato Systems is an official Microsoft Azure Migrate Partner and holds one of the few German "Advanced Specializations" for Windows Server and SQL Server migrations to Microsoft Azure.

End-to-end support of your Azure account from billing to support contracts (Advanced Support for Partners and Premier Support) as well as 24/7 operation of your IT solutions by combining Azure Monitoring Services with our control center.

With over 30 years of project and operational experience with Microsoft products and 10 years of Azure Cloud experience, we are the first point of contact for your cloud journey

Full management of MS products or services for our customers (O365, Exchange online and many more)

We are happy to support you. Contact your contact person now for a worry-free migration of your servers to the Azure Cloud.

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Arvato Systems | Tim Seebrandt
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