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Cloud Native Design & Redesign on AWS

State-of-the-art individual software development

The time is right for Cloud-native development and modernization

If existing standard solutions do not meet the requirements of your new, modern business and service models, it is time to rely on individual cloud-native applications that are built quickly, scale flexibly, and can be operated modernly and cost-effectively in DevOps style. 

With their distributed, flexible, and horizontally scalable design of cloud-originated platform services, cloud-native applications can fully exploit all the advantages of the cloud and embody state-of-the-art software development. 

Short time to market

Low barriers to entry

Flexibility and scalability

From idea to "Minimal Viable Product (MVP)" in the shortest possible time with Cloud-native

  • Commodity components of the applications are provided at the push of a button
  • Fast release cycles thanks to automated delivery pipeline
  • The infrastructure is provided on demand and software-defined

Cloud-native generates significantly lower costs* with immediate availability

  • Fixed leap costs eliminated through usage-based billing of platform services
  • Drastically reduced setup costs for application development
  • Reduced maintenance due to platform services

*Compared to the investment costs of classic software development

Cloud Native enables straightforward entry into uncertain and volatile markets

  • Automated elasticity: When the load is high, the infrastructure is automatically expanded - and shut down again after the load has passed
  • Usage-based billing
  • Fast response to market changes through short release cycles

We develop and modernize applications with cloud-native services according to best practices

With Amazon Web Services platform services, we realize your individual software requirements and ideas faster, more flexibly, more cost-effectively and with higher quality than through classic software development. Whether new development or modernization of an existing application - we implement cloud-native development for you!

Our certified architects and developers act according to DevOps culture and feature-oriented in end-to-end responsibility. We are experienced and certified in the use of AWS platform services, develop fully automated delivery pipelines as well as serverless or container architectures and consider the following aspects of modern cloud-native applications:

  • We isolate stateful components and their scaling complexity in favor of horizontal scalability.

  • We develop cloud-native applications as distributed systems composed of independently interchangeable services.

  • We build elastic solutions that request resources (compute, storage, network) depending on their load. The scaling is mostly horizontal (more resources) and not vertical (stronger resources).

  • We develop with the greatest possible process automation, so that little or no intervention is required during operation.

  • We ensure that services generally do not call each other directly, but interact indirectly via decoupling messaging solutions.

We are the partner for your Cloud-Native Journey

As an AWS service integrator and consulting partner, we support you on your cloud-native journey. With our Cloud-native Readiness Assessment and a pragmatic first Proof-of-Concept (POC), we offer you an easy and fast entry into Cloud-native development. This allows you to get started quickly and to test and validate your idea in an uncomplicated way.

Cloud-native Readiness Assessment

We analyze your application with regard to cloud-native capability, evaluating whether modernization using cloud-native services or a new development generates the best cost-benefit effect for you.

Result: You receive a documentation of the analysis results as well as a concrete recommendation for action from our experts.

Proof-of-Concept (POC)

In a POC, we leverage a suite of services to easily and quickly plan, design, implement, and deploy MVPs and pilots through our AWS-certified architects, analysts, and developers.

Result: You receive an initial pilot from us as a basis for decision-making, with which you can identify risks and/or dependencies and take them into account accordingly for the next steps.

Our service expertise for your cloud-native application

AWS CloudFormation

AWS Lambda

Amazon API Gateway

Amazon DynamoDB

AWS CloudFormation

Icon AWS Cloud Formation (weisser Hintergrund)

With AWS CloudFormation, AWS or third-party resources can be easily modeled, and quickly and consistently provisioned and managed throughout the lifecycle.

AWS Lambda

Icon AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service that allows code to run without having to provision and manage servers.

Amazon API Gateway

Icon AWS API Gateway

Amazon API Gateway is a fully managed service that includes API creation, publishing, maintenance, monitoring, and securing.

Amazon DynamoDB

Icon AWS Dynamo DB

Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed, multi-region database with built-in security, back-up service and recovery, and in-memory caching for web applications.

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