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New Possibilities in Production Planning

Production planning and operations play a central role in manufacturing companies. Shorter and shorter product life cycles, complex global supply chains, and a constantly changing sales market present them with new challenges. They must meet these adequately and in the shortest possible time. S/4HANA in manufacturing provides functionalities that enable companies to shape their Digital Transformation, thereby increasing the transparency of their processes and simultaneously reducing throughput times and costs. But the basic module Production Supply of our cloud logistics platform platbricks® can also increase process efficiency here. 

Our Services for Your Success

We rely on best practices to achieve fast process implementations and refine them via fit gaps. However, during our many years of experience, we have also designed many customer-specific solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into the SAP standard. In addition to our own applications, reports, and KPIs, this also includes the development of production-related FIORI applications for mobile devices. In addition, we succeed in connecting further applications to your system landscape with our own cloud logistics platform, platbricks®.

Extensive Know-How in the Manufacturing Industry

Thanks to our many years of experience with production companies from various industries, we bring comprehensive know-how to the table - both with regard to SAP standard processes (R/3 and S/4) as well as individual processes and products developed in-house.

Cross-Competence Along the Supply Chain

In addition to our expertise in production-related processes, our specialists are also familiar with integrative topics in logistics as well as in controlling and financial accounting

Concentrated Knowledge About the Right IT Infrastructure

With our many years of experience in the areas of hosting, PI/PO/CPI and our certification in the cloud area, we are also your perfect contact with regard to the connection of external systems to accompany you in the area of interface solutions. In doing so, we can design the end-to-end process completely and beyond module limits together with you.

Production Planning - Our Portfolio at a Glance

SAP Plan-To-Produce (SAP PP)

When mapping their processes in the system, manufacturing companies are often faced with the challenge of coordinating their material requirements planning with the operational work steps and, in parallel, taking into account capacity restrictions within the framework of resources. Basically, requirements planning across different time horizons is just as much a part of production planning as the decision for make-to-order or make-to-stock production or the subsequent settlement of production orders. To support customers in implementing their processes, SAP provides a suitable tool in the form of the manufacturing module. Since Plan-to-Produce is integrated with many other end-to-end processes, transparency is crucial for success.

SAP PP is also integrated with the following SAP modules so that the complete logistics value chain can be mapped seamlessly:

Solutions such as Production Planning / Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS), which is closely integrated with the SAP PP module and is included in the core of S/4HANA, make it possible to extend the standard process to have detailed planning and optimization of production operations. Likewise, it is possible to connect MES systems to SAP and seamlessly integrate the data and feedback into the end-to-end process. Real-time integration of the data from the satellite systems simplifies process execution and lays one of the foundations for future analysis of the data for optimization, for example, through SixSigma or AI.

SAP Plan-To-Produce – Core Functions at a Glance

    • Determination of customer requirements
    • Creation of planned independent requirements via product groups/products
    • Offsetting forecast requirements against actual requirements
    • Determining capacities for resources
    • Maintenance of production versions incl. routing and parts lists
    • Order sequence planning
    • Identification of capacity bottlenecks (also by simulation)
    • Operation planning with graphical planning board
    • optional: PP/DS for detailed planning (e.g. via heuristics)
    • Release of production orders
    • Printing of papers accompanying production
    • Material availability check
    • Capacity availability check
    • Goods movements
    • Confirmations
    • Optional: QM inspections during production or at goods receipt
    • Completion of production orders
    • Settlement of production orders
    • WIP calculation

Production Planning/Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS) in S/4HANA

Due to the replacement of SAP APO (Advanced Planning Optimizer), in connection with the introduction of SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning) and SAP S/4 HANA, specific components have been removed from the former SAP APO and distributed to other solutions. For example, gATP (Global Available to Promise) and PP/DS (Production Planning / Detailed Scheduling) have been integrated into the Core of SAP S/4 HANA. SNP (Supply Network Planning) and DP (Demand Planning) have now found their place in SAP IBP.

In particular, the move of PP/DS into the Core results in various advantages, such as a significant reduction in interface effort, as data replication between the Core and PP/DS now takes place in one system. The focus of PP/DS relates to detailed planning in the context of production planning and includes the following functionalities, among others:

  • Material and capacity consideration via pegging
  • Time-based requirements planning
  • Optimization procedures for careful planning
  • Extended capacity planning
  • Dynamic alerts

Materials, work centers, and capacities can be selected in SAP Core, which are transferred to SAP PP/DS via the CIF interface and can then be viewed there for further planning. The selection of master data to be transferred should primarily be limited to critical materials and dependent bottleneck resources to only have to carry out comprehensive, detailed planning for necessary scenarios.

SAP PP/DS – Highlights at a Glance

  • With the help of the pegging functionality, PP/DS establishes a link between inventory, receipt as well as demand elements on the product level, so that all changes on a certain MRP level can be taken into account and are also visible on all further levels.

  • When PP/DS is used, a wide range of exclusive content for PP/DS can be accessed via the new SAP FIORI applications. This includes, among other things, a new graphical planning board that can be used to manually or automatically schedule operations via various modes. In addition, simulation results can also be saved and released later.

  • By using optimization functions and special heuristics, the new detailed planning functions can be used out-of-the-box to optimize lead times or setup costs, for example.

Digitally Supporting Individualized Manufacturing Processes - With the Arvato Visual Guided Assembly Solution

Cover Youtube Arvato Visual Guided Assembling Solution
Video: Arvato Visual Guided Assembling Solution - Step by Step

By accessing the new FIORI applications in the area of manufacturing, manufacturing processes can be used on mobile devices or the web for operational processing. Depending on the activity area, the end-user may need to access several applications.

This is where our Arvato Visual Guided Assembly Solution (VGA) comes in - a FIORI-based application that aims to support workers in their classic operational activities and keep them as simple as possible for them.

In addition to the classic functionalities such as recording confirmations or booking goods movements, our solution allows direct access to production documents (e.g., drawings, assembly instructions), which eliminates the need to carry and print documents. In addition, the Arvato Visual Guided Assembly Solution also supports the mapping of quality inspection during production, whereby corresponding inspection results can be recorded directly.

platbricks® Production Supply

The Production Supply module of our cloud logistics platform platbricks® ensures the balance between supply security, low inventories, and short response times in lean production, taking into account constantly growing complexity and increasing article diversity. Process efficiencies are improved through a continuous digitalization of your supply processes with platbricks, and costs are saved.

Production Planning - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Production planning determines the scope and timing of the scheduling of production orders in the system under various restrictions (time, capacity, quantity). This is a fusion of planning and operational elements that ensure that production control is mapped under various aspects - resulting from an interplay of requirements from sales and preliminary planning as well as capacities of resources and requirements for materials on the production side - in a harmonized time sequence that takes all restrictions into account.

  • Production planning plays a decisive role when it comes to

    • creating valid planning across different time horizons,
    • to recognize bottlenecks at an early stage,
    • minimizing throughput times and setup times,
    • guaranteeing adherence to delivery dates

    and to take countermeasures, if necessary, in order to cover demand elements as adequately and cost-effectively as possible, taking all these factors into account.  

  • In the future, the functions of SAP APO (Advanced Planning & Optimization) will be integrated into SAP IBP and other solutions from SAP S/4HANA, which, in contrast to SAP APO, will be even more closely integrated into the core. The SAP APO modules "Demand Planning" and "Supply Network Planning" are largely congruent from SAP APO in SAP IBP. At the same time, other functionalities, such as PP/DS in the new SAP S4/HANA, can be used per separate license but in some cases do not yet enjoy the full range of functions of their SAP APO counterpart.

    It is essential to take a look at the applications/modules used to date in SAP APO, which will reach its EOL in 2027, to think about a possible transformation. Customers who are considering implementing SAP APO are therefore advised to look directly at SAP IBP and the partially new functionalities to define the scope for the future range of functions.


S/4HANA Transformation at GREIWING

With a comprehensive S/4HANA transformation, GREIWING aims to continue to grow and expand its position as an innovation partner based on the SAP platform technology of the future.

Improving Performance and Processes through Comprehensive SAP Transformation

In a demanding and complex system environment, the entire order processing of the MOSOLF Group's technical and logistics centers was significantly enhanced in SAP.

Efficiently Control and Manage Complex Container Cycles

With our cloud logistics platform platbricks®, Fresenius Medical Care is laying the digital foundation to optimize various areas quickly, efficiently, and flexibly in the future and to implement new business models.

For a Comprehensive Overview of All Processes

The decision for a warehouse management system is not only an investment, but also a long-term partnership.

Arvato - SAP on Azure

The project successfully migrated all 40 of the logistics services company's SAP systems from SAP R/3 Oracle OnPremise to SAP S/4HANA on Azure. 


Close cooperation with TALKE and our many years of experience in SAP implementation of transport management solutions enabled the logistics company to replace its old system entirely.

Efficient Warehouse Management at Three Sites

BB Verpackungen relies on platbricks® WMS.

Reduced processing time in the picking hall

The digitization of logistics processes improves transparency, shortens routing times and creates paperless processes from goods receipt to shipping.

Higher Process Efficiency through Full-Stage Digitization

With the help of an end-to-end IT solution, HTH Logistic Solutions relies on transparent, digital and intuitive workflows and thus strives for steady growth.

Innovative and forward-looking thanks to platbricks®

platbricks® was introduced at Imperial Chemical Logistics within two months.

The highest performance when it counts

The conception and implementation phase for the integration of platbricks at MAINCOR Rohrsysteme only took one month from start to finish.

Modernization of the Picking Process at a Global Automotive Manufacturer

A detail-focused concept for internal processes and IT was developed and implemented thanks to platbricks.

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Free Logistics Check-up

Whether you are at the very beginning of your journey or already on the road - we get on board at every stop and accompany you in the Digital Transformation of your supply chain. We will be happy to advise you in our "Logistics Check-up" - make an appointment now.

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