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Advanced Analytics for Utilities

Use data for your own value creation

Advanced Analytics Works

Advanced analytics enables the targeted analysis of large amounts of data (big data) for the targeted and efficient control of technical systems and assets. Targeted analyses on the basis of collected data make it possible to forecast energy consumption and feeds as well as the condition of your plants. Unlike traditional analysis tools, which evaluate data that has already been collected and represent an analysis of the current situation, advanced analytics focuses on predicting future events on the basis of mass data. 

With analytics you increase your added value.

  • Save resources: increase efficiency with data evaluations
  • Reducing costs: Optimizing operating processes with sensors
  • Longer service life of systems: Optimum timing of maintenance times
  • Better planning efficiency: potential analysis and price forecasts

Advanced Analytics: Use the Flood of Data to Your Advantage

Monetization of data
Automation and optimization of processes
Decision support
Highest granularity
Forecasts and forecasts
Anomaly detection

The Arvato Systems DataLab

In Arvato Systems' DataLab, Data Specialists translate Big Data into mathematical solutions: It is the technological platform for the operationalization and integration of (mass) data.

Niels Pothmann, Data Specialist, Explains What the Datalab Can Do:

Integrate Your Expertise:

In addition to the necessary IT infrastructure, the close interaction between analytical expertise and the specialist departments is crucial. This enables you to make better use of data potential.

Operationalize Data:

In our DataLab, key figures, market information and customer data are continuously linked and specified with the corresponding data platforms.

Raise Data Potentials:

The resulting forecasts support you in the creation of effective timetables, energy marketing and energy purchasing as well as the planning of flexibilities.

Predictive Maintenance


Predictive maintenance" increases the performance and service life of technical systems.

  • Measurement: continuous measurement via sensor and big data technology
  • Analyze: intelligent machine monitoring of all operating parameters
  • Taxes: Optimum timing of maintenance for technical systems
  • Rules: Develop forecasts for the remaining service life of individual machine components

Practical Use Cases

Advanced Analytics can contribute to more added value and efficiency in a wide variety of areas and companies

For Operators of Wind and Solar Parks

Merit-order prediction (forecasts for call-off positions of the secondary and minute reserve power for the next control energy merit-order auction for power plants) as well as the control and regulation of the rotor positions of wind turbines

For Sales Companies

Churn Prediction (the creation of churn analyses of customers)

For System Operators

Predictive maintenance of technical systems, for example real-time prediction of the risk of failure of gas turbines

For Business Development

Potential analysis and predictive models for predicting business segment developments

For Network Operators

Condition monitoring (of assets, e.g. automated detection of anomalies in time series data of network components)

Your Contact for Advanced Analytics

Niels Pothmann
Expert for Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence