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More Independent. More Secure. More Resilient.

We make your IT sovereign.

Sovereign IT

Data security, data protection, resilience, independence - sovereignty takes many forms. And each of these facets can be relevant to the needs of different companies and authorities in different degrees. 


However, the following always applies: Confident IT is an important prerequisite for being able to use the latest technologies in a targeted manner, even in sensitive environments. Whether it's cloud computing or artificial intelligence, whether the technology is to be used in public administration, in regulated markets such as the energy sector and healthcare or in the manufacturing industry - it's always about the right combination of innovative strength, security and self-determination for the respective application scenario.


In other words: the right level of sovereignty.

We Make Your It More Sovereign - That Means...

...more independent
...more secure
...more transparent
...more resilient

To achieve this, companies and public authorities alike need partners they can trust. Partners with extensive experience and implementation expertise in state-of-the-art technologies and specific requirements.

In short: partners you can rely on.


The Federal Office for Information Security undoubtedly has the highest current requirements for sovereignty in the cloud environment. As Arvato Systems, we are responsible for operating the Microsoft Azure-based Sovereign Cloud for the public sector in Germany. And we meet these requirements.

Sovereign Cloud, Sovereign AI or It Security for Companies and Authorities - Find Out More Here

Sovereign cloud - the path to digital independence

To guarantee digital sovereignty, the sovereign cloud will be used in the future.

Sovereign AI

Discover Sovereign AI and its possibilities. Arvato Systems supports you in the confident use of artificial intelligence.

Security Services

Security for your company: You can rely on your data and applications in our data centers being protected by state-of-the-art security solutions.

Focus on Top Technologies - We Are Your Partner for Sovereign IT


Dealing with critical infrastructures is part of our everyday life.

Our experience

We have decades of experience in operating data centers.

Our network

We work closely with the largest international cloud providers.


At the same time, we operate our own private cloud.

IT security

Our team provides IT security for countless customers.


We are responsible for the operation of the MS Azure-based Sovereign Cloud for the public sector in Germany.

FAQ - Questions and Answers about Sovereign IT

  • In a broader sense, we define sovereign IT as information technology that fulfills special requirements in terms of data security, data protection, resilience, independence, etc. This can certainly be graded. There are certainly gradations possible - the degree of sovereignty should always be based on the specific deployment scenario.

  • A sovereign cloud must also meet special requirements. For example, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has set precise requirements for the sovereign cloud for the public sector in Germany, which must be observed. For example, there must be no dependencies on networks outside Germany; data processing and data storage as well as the operation of all services must be carried out in Germany by German companies. The operation can be carried out by the government itself or by a selected organization. This is particularly important for government authorities, critical infrastructures and other organizations that work with sensitive data. A sovereign cloud is therefore the basis for the secure use of modern cloud technology in administration.

  • Sovereign IT - or "more sovereign" IT - is of interest to both public administration and companies. Whenever there are special security requirements, for example, when critical infrastructures are operated or when particularly sensitive data is involved, sovereign IT can play an important role.

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