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Smart Energy Platform

The IoT platform for preparing all energy data

Using Data to Create Added Value on the Market

In the intelligently networked energy market of the future, smart energy data management will become a factor for success. We’ve developed a high-performance IoT and big data platform for exactly this purpose: the Smart Energy Platform. This platform facilitates the measurement and analysis of big data and allows it to be coupled with management and monitoring functions.

The Smart Energy Platform ensures overarching integration of data, business processes, and big data technologies. The structure of the Smart Energy Platform ensures a high degree of scalability: The system expands to meet the user’s needs. The individual modules of the Smart Energy Platform perform different tasks and can be scaled independently of one another. 

The Smart Energy Platform: Modules and Options

Energy efficiency

Visualize and optimize energy consumption, automate environmental data reporting.

Smart Metering

Manage services for intelligent metering systems.

Energy, network and load management

Gain forecasts on energy consumption and feeds.

New Business Models

Develop and test digitalized business models and value-added services.

System Monitoring

Optimizing workflows with technical and business monitoring.

Charging Management

Managing the charging cycles of electric vehicles and other batteries.

Your Benefits

Cassandra Big Data Management
Scalability of all applications
End-to-end mapping of all processes
Integration of third-party applications
Integrated security concept
As an on-premises solution or cloud model