Social Media Risk Management & Brand Protection

Our content moderation solution

While your customers are active in social media channels, our content moderation solution helps you protect your brand reputation and turn customers into mega-fans.

The best of two worlds

Our solution combines the know-how of artificial intelligence with many years of experience in the service industry. State-of-the-art speech processing and deep learning algorithms achieve the highest levels of accuracy and automation in detecting malicious or unwanted user content. Continuous learning of artificial intelligence is ensured by a feedback loop between AI, human moderators and our team of experienced linguists and data scientists.

State of the Art

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Arvato Systems' AI applies user-defined NLP pipelines to optimally provide the content to be checked for the classification models based on deep learning. It uses ready-made language models based on huge text corpora and available for more than 100 languages. These models are extended to include those of social media channels, maximizing the AI's understanding of customers' specific topics and language codes.

Machine Learning

Deep learning algorithms ensure the highest possible accuracy in the classification of content by our AI. State-of-the-art machine learning environments and libraries such as Amazon Sagemaker or Google Tensorflow are used to provide massive AI performance at relatively low cost.

Value-Added Approach

Standard and Individual Filters

Arvato Systems supplies ready-made filter categories such as insults, aggression, hate speech, and political or religious harassment. Combined with our wide range of languages, this enables quick implementation of content moderation projects. Brand-specific filters are additionally trained according to individual needs.

Business Logic

Specific business rules or other complementary logic can be implemented in our back-end system.

Reports & Analyses

Our internally developed reporting component combines real-time reports and historical data and delivers actionable insights. Customized reports can be delivered on-demand.

Key Figures

Highly automated moderation of content

Successful social media channels create vast amounts of user content that needs to be moderated and protected from harmful utterances. Our AI solution automates more than 90% of all content checks.

Real-time protection of your brand

Social media channels are monitored around the clock by our AI solution, so your customers are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in real-time. Inappropriate content is detected and can be blocked immediately.

Your Contact for AI

Jens Rehpöhler
Expert for Natural Language Processing