Hyperautomation for Retail and Consumer Goods

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As one of the fastest growing industries, the retail and consumer goods sector is constantly exposed to the ever-increasing need to adapt all processes along the entire value chain - triggered by rising process costs and the purchasing behavior of customers. Digitization of key processes is therefore essential in retail, but new technologies also require constant adaptation. Hyperautomation brings an innovative approach to the retail and consumer goods industry to adapt to market needs and to remain competitive.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity in the Company Using Automation Tools

Your Challenge

Order processing, customer management, warehouse management, invoice processing and customer service are typical processes in the retail and consumer goods industries. However, they are often tied to individual IT systems and their old workloads. As a result, important steps have to be processed manually by employees.  

The Vision

Employees at all process and management levels should be able to concentrate on the essentials: increasing the efficiency and productivity of their company. The combination of state-of-the-art technologies should automate time-consuming processes and thus free up valuable resources that can be used for more important tasks with added value. 

Our Solution

Hyperautomation is the merging of various automation tools such as BPM, process mining, RPA and AI. Among other things, this opens up the possibility of generating data-based recommendations that can be used for example in customer service, marketing and sales processes or can contribute to warehouse monitoring and acceleration of order processing by integrating them into various systems.  

Benefits for You as a Retailer or Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Act more efficiently in the In-Store Business

Counteract the shortage of skilled workers in warehouse management and stores. 

Strengthen your brand

Increase the quality of your products by automating error-prone tasks. 

Reduce process costs

Reduce costs at every step of the process and become more competitive and adaptable. 

Scalability online and offline

Constantly adapt to new market demands and customer needs. 

Data-Driven action

Benefit from automated recommendations for your sales activities.  

Optimization of the customer experience

Answer customer inquiries about products and orders through automated customer service chatbots. 

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