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Utilities automate business processes robotically

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Regardless of whether individual process steps are to be automated by means of robot-controlled process automation (RPA) or entire process chains are to be automated by means of hyperautomation, the automation options for utilities are diverse. The main driver is the general shortage of skilled workers, the effects of which are intensified by ever more extensive adaptations to energy industry processes. The resulting workload can only be managed through the consistent use of data and its utilisation as well as the automation of company processes. We support you on your way to hyperautomation with process automation as a competent partner.

Use Case

Your Challenge

In some energy supply companies, even simple business processes are still carried out manually by employees. A comprehensive end-to-end monitoring of the processes as well as a targeted optimisation of weak points, which also extend across departmental boundaries, are often missing. Not only, in the long run, are such procedures too slow and too expensive.

The Vision

There are numerous business processes that can be optimised with the help of automation. Repetitive activities in particular can be fully automated, freeing employees from performing them. Instead, they can concentrate on optimising and monitoring these processes. This change not only makes life easier for staff, but also significantly increases the efficiency and productivity of the company.

Our Solution

Our industry and technical experts are experienced partners in the automation of your business processes. Together with you, we take the path to hyperautomation and focus on process automation. With our extensive experience from various workflow and digitisation projects, we provide you with the best possible support for your automation project.


Cost and time savings

By automating manual tasks, employees can be noticeably relieved and their productivity increased at the same time.


The focus is on uniform process flows that ensure continuous quality improvement. These measures can make processes more effective and thus more efficient.


By using process indicators and KPIs, weaknesses in processes can be identified and targeted in order to achieve continuous improvement.

Data security

Professional and reliable data management ensures that your valuable data remains protected and is only made accessible to authorised persons.


They comply with legal regulations and ethical standards and gain the trust of customers, business partners and the public.

Partial or full automation

No matter how you decide: There are different application scenarios for the partial or full automation of your processes.

Our services for your success

  • Due to constantly increasing requirements in ever shorter time intervals, the automation of business processes is also unavoidable for utility companies. Our experts support you in analysing processes that can be automated, show you various implementation scenarios and develop useful process automations according to your needs.

  • Based on your digitisation strategy, our experts the most the most suitable modules for you which are oriented towards problem-solving potential and added value for your processes. The IT basis required for this can be provided by Arvato Systems on request.

  • For the best possible transparency, our experts individual controlling instances, e.g. via live monitoring of your processes, depending on the desired application and field of activity. You benefit from the disclosure of possible bottlenecks, recognise optimisation potential and enable more efficient process management. Continuous process monitoring as well as the accompanying data evaluations are, of course, part of our offer.

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