Web Session: CO2 Balancing in Practice

Do you know how to successfully implement carbon accounting in your company?

Web Session: CO2 Balancing in Practice

Friday, 28 April 2023, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Web Session

The "greenest" kilowatt hour is the one that does not have to be generated in the first place. The pressure to reduce CO2 emissions is growing in public institutions and all industry sectors. The drivers for this are climate change, but also customer requirements, and in addition, the legislator is exerting pressure. However, the carbon footprint will not reduce by itself. Do you have a roadmap for your carbon footprint?

Map Emissions Correctly and Comprehensibly

If the draft bill on the Energy Efficiency Act published by the BMKW is implemented - which can be assumed in principle - this will result in a wide range of obligations. The federal, state, and local governments' public institutions, as well as private companies and data centers, will be obliged to introduce energy and environmental management systems, avoid and use waste heat, and develop and implement energy efficiency measures.

But do you know which data is relevant for CO2 balancing and how to collect it centrally and add it to an overall picture that fulfills the reporting obligation and helps you derive further measures to reduce CO2 emissions?

In our joint webinar with pwc, we provide you with the technical basis and approach for CO2 balancing and show you our platform for strategic sustainability management green.screen in a live demo. A step-by-step guide will teach you how to implement CO2 balancing in your company successfully.

What You Can Expect in the Web Session

Technical basis and approach for CO2 balancing
Live demo of green.screen, the platform for strategic sustainability management
Step-by-step guide to CO2 balancing

Keeping the Carbon Footprint under Control with Strategic Sustainability Management

With green.screen, you can record, monitor, control and document all of your company's environmental and climate-relevant parameters.

Your Contact for this Web Session

Daniel Dombris
Expert for green.screen